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Stone Family Memorial Site

In Loving Memory of
Doris Aretha Rodgers - Jenkins
(1/27/23 - 1/03/05)

1923  -  2005

"She is loved..."

We all miss you, but we are consoled by memories of our time together and the positive impact you had on every life you touched. On this site, we'll share pictures and memories and do our best to keep the best part of you alive.

Reflections and Eulogies

Doris A. Rodgers - Jenkins 
Doris A. Rodgers - Jenkins was born to the parents of Mary L. Riddick - Rodgers and Ryland Warren Rodgers on 1/27/23 at her parents home which was located at 800 Edwards Street in Portsmouth, Virginia with the help of midwife Lucy Harris. She was the youngest of three children. As a child she felt loved and enjoyed many memorable times with her sisters, mother and father. She shared many treasured tender happy emotions and stories about her parents and sisters throughout her life. There were several defining moments and milestones in Doris life. She was dramatically affected by the premature deaths of both of her parents at a young age. Her family life was 1st disrupted by the untimely death of her father Ryland Rodgers a well known and highly skilled carpenter and 2nd less than two years latter by the unexpected death of her mother Mary L. Riddick - Rodgers, a Community Public Health Nurse, 3rd at age 11 years young Doris was an orphaned.
She was suddenly relocated from her loving roots and security of her parents home in Virginia and living in a surbanian thriving seaport community to being raised and living in a new community with one of her mother's sisters. Her new home was with her aunt Annie and uncle Alexander Houston and their family. They lived at 318 Earlham Street in the Germantown section of the industrial city of Philadelphia, Pa. She often stated she felt forlorn during these years. She was seperated by time and distance from the companionship of her two devoted sisters, except for an occassional holiday or vacation visits. She missed and longed for the love, affection and the close intimate bond and relationship her parents and sisters had shared in her parents home until her and her sisters were reunited in their adult years. Doris endured the emotional grief and lost of both parents and the seperation of her sisters. She discovered and learned at an early age she had the ability to cope and adapt to life's uncertainties, unpredictable changes, difficult times and situations. She was a survivor.
Doris was intuitive, compassionate, unconditionally loving, supportive and generous. She had a beautiful soul and a very big heart. She enjoyed sharing what she had with others. She genuinely care about and embraced people especially, disempowered and disenfranchised people all her life. She advocated for her family, friends and neighbors throughout her life. She enjoyed helping others. She was interested in social justice, social change and politics. She was a life long Democratic and demonstrated good citzenship. She believed in the power of her right to vote. She voted at every given election opportunity and she encouraged others to do the same. 
Doris was married to Stone Family Member Percy Jenkins from Wadley, Ga.  They met in Philadelphia but was married in Brooklyn, New York on Sunday January 27, 1946 at Saint Mathrews Chapel, 541 Franklin Ave., and lived in Brooklyn, N. Y. before eventually moving back to Philadelphia, Pa. in the 1950's.
Doris was complementary and not competitive in her personal relationships.
She was a traditional woman and her family was the center and focus of her life. She was thankful for the gift of her life and her children lives. She prayed that God would allow her to live to see her two children grow up and become adults. God granted her this heartfelt prayer. She praised God, was thankful and felt blessed that this prayer was answered. She expressed joy for her grandchild and her great grandchildren.
Doris was extremely passionate about the art of cooking and baking, entertaining family and close friends in her home especially, during the celebration of the holidays. Her warmth and hospitality always made invited guests feel welcome and comfortable in her home. She would recieve acollades from family and friends for her perked coffee, home made waffles, french toast, home made rolls, golden brown southern fry chicken, potatoe salad, macaroni & cheese, chicken and dumplings, banana pudding, apple pies and on special occasions home made ice cream. When she orginally moved to Camden, N.J. in the summer of 1960 she enjoyed culitvating her colorful rose garden, landscaping, backyard bar-be-que cookouts, shopping, antiques furniture collection, sewing, personal journal story writing and peotry, reading and listening to Gospel, Blues, Jazz , Easy Listening,  R & B music singing and photography.
As we all do Doris encountered and experienced " Life Challenges and Obstacles". She believed life crisises, tragedies and struggles were life's trail tests.The beauty of  Doris story is she knew God and she had developed a close personal relationship with him at a very young age. Prayer was a daily integral part of her life. She trusted and had an unwaivering faith in God. Her faith sustained her all her life especially, during the lows in her life. Doris faith carried her through and gaved her hope. She believed God's delays are not God's denials. She felt and expressed gratitude for her and her sister's longetivity and the abundance of her many life's blessings. Doris lead a full life that was fulfilled in the joy she found in her own family and in giving encouragement and service to people in her community and neighborhood. She found personal fulfillment in helping people. Her philosophy was "How can I help?" What can I do?" "Who can I call to help me help you?" She was there when you needed a friend. In past times her house served as a santuary to family, relatives and friends. Doris died at the age of 81 years old at her home in the favorite room and place in her home  - her kitchen.
Doris is survived by her two Children: Curtis A. Jenkins of Brooklyn, New York and Vondaleah M. Jenkins - Doane of Philadelphia, Pa. one Grandson: Donald M. Doane and his wife Clara M. Doane of New Jersey, three Great Grandchildren: Khary D. Doane, Breanna M. Doane and Amanda M. Doane of New Jersey and her two Sisters Mattie D. Moore of Harlem, New York and Marie R. Robinson of Staten Island New York and numerous cousins.

Ethcial Will & Legacy
Doris believed in the qualities of Integrity and Honesty, Principals, Character and Morals Values. Her convictions gave her the inner strength to stand up for what she believed.

Gifts and Donations

Cards can be sent to the family. In lieu of flowers, please send donations to the Stone Family Memorial Fund: The Stone Family Legacy Committe, 6047 North 13th Street, Phila. Pa. 19141

From the Family of Doris A. Jenkins ...
A Stone Honored Elder
We will Insert a photo here.

In time we will add pictures of our beloved mother and her treasured life mementos. We will eventually scan in 20th Century documents such as significant family letters, intangible personal valuable life celebratory cards, papers and reading materials.

May Funeral Home
1001 South 4th Street
4th & Walnut Street
Camden, New Jersey

Visitation hours and location: Viewing Scheduled Saturday January 15, 2005 from 9:00 A.M. to 11:00 A.M. at May Funeral Home Chapel 4th & Walnut Sreet, Camden, N.J.  08103.

Funeral time and location: Saturday January 15th at 11:00 A.M. at May Funeral Home.

Interment time and location: 1:00 P.M. at Harleigh Cemetary in Camden, N.J.

Directions to the Cemetery. Located near Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital on Haddon Ave., Camden, N.J.

Memories are a comfort at this difficult time. Please take the time to get in touch and share yours. You can e-mail us with private messages: