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The Stone Family Commemorative 2004 Legacy Photograph Album

My Autobiography

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On this page I'll introduce myself in words and pictures.

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Credit: Ragnhild Design

Here I will put a picture of my Mother Doris Aretha Rodgers and my Father Percy Jenkins.

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Here I will put a picture of myself. Vondaleah Marie Jenkins - Doane

Graphic Credit: Raghild Design
Here I wiill put a picture of my family. My son, my only child, and my grandchildren. Whom have my present and external love.

About Me.....
My Favorite Things
To help you get to know me better, in this area I  have written a short description of myself and list a few of the things I like most (favorite food, favorite movie, favorite sport, favorite links, and so on). I believe in God, miracles and the power of prayer. I start my day off with prayer and meditation. I say Grace no matter were I am. My favorite Breakfast is Scamble Eggs with cheese, Grits with butter, Homefries with onions, Hickory Smoke Slab Bacon and Rye Toast with butter. My favorite food for Dinner is Steak ( medium rare), Salad with Blue Cheese Dressing, Bake Potatoe with Butter, Chives and Sour Cream and fresh rolls. I love a cold Coca Cola to quench my thirst. I enjoy it over ice with a lemon twist with my meals. I love homemade ice cream or Breyers (peach, strawberry, cherry vanilla, butter pecan). I love homemade chocolate cakes, apple, sweet potatoe pies and peach cobblers. My signature colors when I was youger was yellow then purple. Now it is Blue. My favorite movie is The Color Purple. My favorite African American Women Authors are Alice Walker, Audrey Lourde and Ayanna Vazant. My favorite link is my family's site that I created. It has become successful because of my family's input and shared information of our family's history, Helecas  Graphics and  Ragnhild Designs.

My mother, Doris A. Rodgers - Jenkins, was African American, Native American and Irish. Her mother, Mary Riddick - Rodgers, was African and Cherokee/Blackfoot. Mary's father was Mandingo and her mother was Cherokee/Blackfoot. Her father, Ryland Warren Rodgers, was African American and Irish. Ryland's father, Peter, was African American and Irish and his mother was a short Irish woman name GiGi.
My father, Percy Jenkins, was African American. He was the second generation born after the abolishment of slavery. I am the third generation born free in America. I was born 9:23 A.M. on Saturday March 5, 1955 at Women's Medical College located on Henry Ave., in Philadelphia, Pa. I love the morning. It is my best time of the day. My theory is  because I was born in the A.M. this is the reason I am high energy and at my mental and physical best in the morning. My son was born at 4:38 P.M. He is  not a morning person. He functions because he has responsibilities. However, he is an afternoon person. He is definitely at his mental best in the afternoon. I am a March Baby and a Pisces. I am true to my birth month and my astrological sign. I am tempermental in mood  like the month of March is in it's changes in weather. I am an intelligent, creative, visionary and intuitivte person with keen awareness. I am inspired by color, beauty, vibrant energy and the sound of  music. These things awaken my soul, my artist spirit and evoke my passion for life and for living. I have an eye for beauty, recognizing talent in others and an uncanny ability for saearching and finding resources. I am sensitive by nature, nostalgic and a true romantic.
We moved from 16th & Popular Street in Philadelphia when I was 5 1/2 years young. I was raised in Camden, New Jersey. I have great memories of it. This is a time when Camden was a great place to live. Campbell Soup,  RCA and the Camden Water Front  made it a thriving little city. This is when Stores, Lit Brothers Department Store, 2 Movie Theaters on Broadway, Sit Down Restuantes, Take Out Hamburgers, Italian Hoagies, Fish and Meat Markets with sawdust on the floors, Live Poultry on Kaighn Ave near Broadway, Bakeries, Cleaners and Professional Offices, Doctors, Dentist, Pharmacies, Banks, HomeOwner 's Insurance  Offices lined both side of Broadway from the Ben Franklin Bridge to Ferry Avenue.  My mother and I would frequent many of the stores and resturantes together.
Growing up in the "Philly" Camden, N. J. area I got to experience and enjoy the delicacies of Italian Food, Fresh Made Doughs for Pizzas, Italian Rolls, Hoagies, Philly Cheesesteaks, Wise Potote Chips, Tastycake Pies & Cupcakes. It was the lard that gave Tastycake the best taste. They no longer use lard in their products and they are no longer a #1 seller.  I prefer coke cola over pepsi.
People have always fasinated me. I enjoy sitting in a park, suning on a beach,  sitting at a resturante, coffee shop or mall and observing peoples energy, facial expressions and nuances. I love history, anthropolgy, music, art,  photography, traveling, shopping, collecting stamps, coins, African American Autographs and writing.
I was married to my son's father. He was a Virgo and my son is a Geminni. My son is my only child.  I love him very much. I love my children. I do many things well in life but unforunate I am relationship challenge. My compatiable sign is Cancer. I am attracted to Cancerian  Partners.
I lived in Philadelphia, Pa. I  tremendously enjoy my Toshiba Laptop, my PC and working from the comfort of my home. I like having the freedom of time to be able to  brainstorm, develop and see my ideas come to life and take a life of their own. I take resposibility for my life choices. I don't understand people who say they are non judgemental and give everyone unconditional love. I am judgemental, opinionated and I do not love everyone unconditionally. I do not like liars, thieves and murderers. I am a WIP.......



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