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How Can We Help You?

What This Site Can Do For You 
 Provide Access To The Internet Best Genealogy Resources
1) This Site's primary purpose is genealogy & history. If your surname is Stone, Brinson, Brown, King, Jenkins... we may be related to you. Especially, if you have ancestral family roots in the state of Georgia.You may be African, European &  / or from the state of Georgia; you suspect or know because you have been told by your mother, father or other Elder family member or it is rumored you have American & / or African American descendants in the state of Georgia. There is the possibility we may be related!!!  How probable is it? Do you have an inquisitive mind? How curious are you to know & / or find the hidden truth? Is your curiousity prompting & motivating you to do a fact finding search? Do you have the time? If you are willing to invest the time, mental energy & effort the substantial listed documented online Georgia researched data & our available Wrens Stone Family information & quality genealogy quick link resources will help you make a determination of your lineage to our Stone Family & /or will help you in your American lineage quest.
2) This site's secondary purpose is to make this website as valuable, useful & "user friendly" as possible for our Stone Family members, friends & you our guest visitor. We love, cheerish & treasure our family. Our family members & relatives mean the world to us & we are committed to them.Therefore, we want the best of "what life has to offer" for us. We want our family to have access to the best opportunities or windows of opportunities that emerged to enhance the quality of our indiviual immediate families lives no matter where they live, regardless to their profession or social enconomic status. Personally, we want the best of health, love, the bonds of lifetime relationships & have the opportunities & good fortune to be able to find our undiscovered family & relatives, extend ourselves to our kin & build relationships over time with them, too. We have goals, dreams, desires of the heart. We want self-fulfillment, self satisfaction, personal achievement, freedom, security, a home, professional & career achievement, comfort & financial security in our lives. We expect to be respected, treated well & fairly just like you in our lives & daily business transactions. As a matter of fact, we already have alot in common with you because we know, you want the same things, too. That's is why our family site can benefit you. We are both looking for ways to provide a better life for our families.There is no family site on the Internet like this one! But there is no family like our colorful soulful charismatic & /or eccentric
personalities like our Stone Family either.
You may not have any of the above surnames & you are not related. However, if you are of an ethnic orgin & you are searching for your relatives the genealogy quick link resources can help you begin your search or provide you with additional excellent sources & resources with your current search. We believe in providing options to allow people to make their own self determined "free will" life choices.Therefore, there are an abundance of resources listed for visitors that have the time, inclination & interest to do their own genealogy search & there are resources listed for others who need help with their search or prefer to pay a service fee to a genealogist to search, find & build their family tree for them."Tip" If you choose to pay a genealogist ask for an overview of what you can expect to recieve from their research & services. Let them walk you through their process so you understand the expected time lines for results. Don't be afraid to ask questions. Don't allow yourself to be imtimidated because they are an authority in genealogy. Ask specific questions about the service they offer, their service fees & make sure all your questions are answer to your satisfaction before you sign an agreement & make a financial commitment. Always get every business transaction in writing. Unfortunately, the days of the "Gentlemen's / women's Agreement" of oral contracts & handshakes are gone & / or can be subjected to one of the partys self interest interpretation. When choosing any professional services above all use common sense & always protect yourself.
Encourage You To Be Well Informed & ProActive In Your Life
3) Thirdly this site is "family centered & empowerment focused". We believe, the decisions you chose to make today will not only affect you today but will have a  long term profound impact on your life & those you love & care about in the future. We, also, know it is important to make informed life decisions based on facts that are grounded in reality.Therefore, our Stone Family website acts as a Clearinghouse of precious gathered & exchanged referral sources, valuable timeless information & accessible 24/7 high quality resources to assist, help & support our Stone Family, friends & you our guest visitor. We want the information to be of value & can help to make a real difference in people lives. Especially, during difficult & personal challenging times.Therefore, information listed & shared is to the best of our knowledge competent, reliable & valid because we refer & highly recommended our family & personal friends to utlilize this site. As in the African tradition, we have our family members, Elders & friends to anwser to if information is not accurate. We have our Stone Family reputation & pride in our work to always present the "best". 
Most importantly, there are "no fees" to access any of the resources. This site is "free" & will remain "free" to all visitors. This is my promise to you as long as I am alive & WebMistress of our Stone Family site. If you would like to share & contribute an exceptional valuable & helpful Virtual resource(s) please feel free to submit it. We will take the time to make a Virtual Community Collaboration Resource Page & recognize you as a valued contributor to our Stone Family site.
Provide Exceptional Family Search Resources
If you have estranged family members or relatives that you are or have been searching to find or if you have found out you are adopted & you are searching for your birth parents & family there are reliable quick link resources & options available to help you on this site. Once again, depending on your preference. There are listed resources for you to do it yourself or to pay a service fee to have someone assist you in your search. Some of the best Internet "expert sources" have resources with forums for you to read, interact & ask questions. Some of the best are listed to help our family as well as any of our guest visitors.
Provide Professional Photograph Restoration Resources
4) Maybe you have been given, found or inherited family photographs that need to be restored. Who can you trust with your priceless heirlooms? They can never be replaced if lost & / or damage. There are several listed online professional 
services for you to investigate to help you start your family's photo restoration project.
Provide Convenient Scholarship Resources
5) None of the above apply to you! If you are a parent, student, grandparent or have a family member in your family who is preparing to go to college this site has an extremely valuable resources listed on our Home Page & other areas to help you or your family members or friends with instant access to listed scholarship information.This information is priceless & it is provided "free" to family, friends & you! If you are thinkiing about going back to college to upgrade your credentials, skills, enhance your earning power & the quality of your life this site's scholarship resources can help you. If you are thinking about studying abroad or if you are abroad & have been thinking about coming to the States to obtain your education & degree there is information available @ one easy accessible location for you to explore your future now. 
Provide Alternatives Perspectives To Tradtional Educational Settings
Maybe, you want to go back to college but you are working & / or running your on business, have family responsibilities & just can't seem to allot the time to go to a physical college classroom.You might want to consider an Online Degree. Maybe you are mentally or emotionally or physically challenge & don't feel comfortable in the traditional classroom setting but you have seriously been thinking about alternative ways to pursue your education.You might want to consider an Online Degree. Information is available to help you make an informed decision about how feasible an Online Degree may be for you.
Did you know the Internet can supply you will online libraries & e - books to read?
Did you know  there are some online sources that are available & allow you to download "free" e-books?
Did you know you can order & buy books online to be shipped to your location for your reading pleasure @ reasonabl rates?
Did you know you can read major & local USA newspapers online?
Provide Suggestions To Disability Challenges
There are only Three Things That Can Happen to Any Of Us In Our Lifetime.
# 1 We are sujected to have a premature death & die to soon. Leave our "love ones" with emotional grief & financial debt. Therefore, be sure you have life insurance & an adequete amout to help the "living live" after you have transfered to the spiritual realm & to your spiritual eternal home. Death is certain. It will happen to us all one day.  It is life & the moment of  death's time that is uncertain.
# 2 We are subjected to have a major illness or health threat (cancer, heart or lung disease) or a physical disabilty. We find we are no longer able to work for a specfied period of time  (6 months to a year) or work in a specefic designated job or a traditional 9 to 5 job at a work place. If it is a permanent longterm disabilty it can create unexpected financial hardship for you & your love ones. If you are currently employed in a traditional job speak to your HR to ask about your disablity benefit coverage. Learn to" Dig the well before you thirst".  Know before you need to know. If you don't have it consider getting disability coverage even, if you have to pay for it. It is worth the investment. It is insurance to provide assurance for you. It is better to have it & not have to file a claim & use it than need it & not have it!
# 3 We live to long. The mind is willing but the body is not able...
6) If you have have recently experienced a recent major illness or a catastrophic physical lost & you are disabled, handicapped, currently immobile, hospitalized, located in a long term rehabilitation facility or homebounded because of health challenges your Wireless PC or Ditigal Wireless Satellite Laptop is the best personal investment & "gift" you could have in your possesion. If you don't have one & you are reading this from a family member's, friend or public computer consider getting your own Digital Wireless NoteBook LapTop for yourself or giving one to a "love one" that is living with the above health conditions. If you have a Home Computer & it is not wireless seriously consider investing the money to make your home wireless. Why? Because it can enrich you or your "love one" life & give the mental freedom to explore the world, use your mind, occupy your time, find things of interests & the ability to connect with others 24/7 conveniently from where ever you or your "love one" might be located in your home.
Example: Lets say you live in Harlem, New York in a Brownstone Home. You are the caregiver of a family member or relative. They live on the ground floor of your three or two floor brownstone home. They are unable to climb the stairs & it is easier for any social & / or community services to have access to them on the ground floor or even the first floor. However, you & your family or other family relatives live on the upper floors. If your household had one Digital Laptop with wireless technology every one within the household can make arrangements to share & use it especially, your love one on the ground or first floor. Will they need to be encouraged, coached & shown how to use it? Yes, more than likely they will but don't we all need encouragment & coaching when new ideas, concepts or new things are presented to us. It can give their life new meaning. How? "Think outside of the box for a moment. Maybe, they have been excellent cooks, bakers & family nurturers all their lives but nobody knows their delicious secret recipes  for their meals, bake goods or thriving house plants & / or vegetable garden except for them. They can access the information & the "know how" anytime they want. Encourage your love one to use their computer or the the "gift" you have just given them to type a page a day & make a memoir or an e-book about their secret recipes, their lives, their family, their personal successes etc. May be they are excellent storytellers & / or family historians. Suggest to work on a collaboration with them. Especially, If they are terminally ill. Set aside a "special time" for them to share their stories with you. Then you type it or purchase the "Say It / Type It" software. In 30 days you can have the beginings of  a collection of personal life stories & / or family documented history that will grow in value with the passing of time. 
There is much more to the Internet than e-mails, computer games & online chat sites. No matter where you live. There is no time, distance or geograhpcal limitations for you to connect to the world.The Visiting Nurses of New York all have Digital Laptops that they use on their home visitsl to input their clients information & notes. Most dental offices in New York have their patients x - rays on streamlined computers & / or Digital Wireless Laptops. 1) your x-rays are taken... 2) they are immediately displayed for the dentist... 3) your x - rays & patient chart file information can be easily transferred &  / or conveniently stored within seconds. No more x- ray film. You don't have to sit in the waiting room & wait for the film to be developed & processed or wait for one of the dentist assistants to find your old x -rays in the big enevlope in their file storage room. If you are a half a century or older you remember those dental office visits! It seem like it took forever. Especially, if your dentist office was crowded. Computers have and are changing the way we live and have access to the world.
Right now, you & / or your "love one"  may be depressed. You may feel a myriad of undescrible emotional feelings. If the disabilty is happening to may be in denial & angry. This is normal. What you are deeply feeling is sadness & despair for your lost. You know on an unconscious level your life "as you have known" it will never be the same again. This can be very difficult to accept.You do need time to grieve your lost. You may not be able to physically leave your current residence or do the things you use to do but you can enjoy traveling, surf, browse & shop for things you want, listen to music, read, watch t.v. or a movie, pay your bills, order food & products & /or send gifts online. Think of it this way no more transportation concerns, congested traffic, parking fees, meters or highway tolls.You don't have to be frustrated waiting in a long gas, grocery or shopping lines. Most online ordering shipments can be Fed Ex...worldwide.You can often track your orders online from your computer. If there is a shipping or merchandise problem with your purchase customer service inquiries & / or complaints can be handle conveniently usually by a toll free phone number. Did you know most major US Home Delivery of the Big Book Catalogs are no longer free? It can easily cost you $50.00 (including S & H)  to order one just to browse & shop from home. Browsing on your PC is free 24/7/365.
On your PC or Laptop you don't have to wait for a family member to find the time to visit & / or "pick something up for you" or "catch that sale" for you.You can do it for yourself & browse "free" & visit more than one e - business anywhere in the world. You can keep your independence. You maybe facing a difficult or new life transition from your current physical limitations that you are experiencing but you personally "can do" what you can for yourself. You can maintain your sanity & dignity. We have had many Stone Family members experienced a debilitating physical injury or a permanent disability & / or a long term terminal illness. Therefore, from personal experience we know, it takes time & patience with yourself or your "love one" to make the mental & physical adjustments to a disability, a new life & a new lifestyle. Change is never easy no matter what our age or physical condition. But don't give up living. We encourage you to enjoy your life & make the most out of it .You are not dead yet! This site can act as a "gateway portal" & provide you with "tips" & easy point & click quick quality links to get you where you need or want to go & keep you busy with our extensive online recommended sources & referrals until you are able to find others on your own. Just be sure to Bookmark us in your Favorites. If, you are an inexperience sufer once you get online & spend time surfing & exploring the Internet your confidence will grow. You will discover intriguing new avenues & things on your own. Just keep thinking outside of the box.
7) Maybe you need health Information.
Encourage & Support Your Online Personal or E- Business Site
8) None of the above apply to you! If you are a WebMistress / WebMaster, especially, a New Site Owner the above mention scholarship resources listed on our Home Page will allow you to submit your site to 300,000 Search Engines for "free" once you place their banner source code on your site.This is a no Brainer! Be Creative! Everybody wins! You get listed for "free" search engine submissions. This saves you valuable time & / or money. Once again, it depends if you prefer to do it yourself or you prefer to pay a service fee to have it done for you. If you want to do it yourself there are two types of submissions manual & automated. If you been on the Internet promoting a personal Home Page, a Home Business or an established e - Business you know & recognize the value of this resource. A professional company specializing in search engines submissions can cost $75.00 to $150.00 per 100,000 or anywhere between $150.00 to $450.00 per 300,000 guaranteed automated search engine submissions. With this valuable resource you save both time & out of pocket expense. This is a win/ win resource. The scholarship offers get exposure & traffic to click onto their site & potential prospective students recieve the information they need to help them with their educational goals & pursuits. I wish this educational resource was availabe to help me in the ' 70's for my education & my immediate family educational pursuits in the ' 90's. If you are a parent, you know & are aware of the cost to buy one comprehensive scholarship book or 4 indivual paper back books with these listed scholarship resources can easily cost $100.00 or $25.00 a book on sale @ your favorite bookstore. As the Stone Family WebMistress, I am personally estactic & excited about the "value & worth" of this "free" resource.It set the tone & standard of what you can expect from our listed resources " Quality" & "Value".
Initially, as a potential web owner, you had to make a decision either to build & create your own website or pay to have one designed for you.Then you had to choose & registered a domain name, make a decision about your hosting service & your ISP. 1...2...3...4... Now you are ready to publish your site.You can have the best designed site, with the best layout, presentation & navigation for your family genealogy, personal site or entrepreneurial e- business but nothing happens if, you are not registered @ & other prominent & major Internet directories, indexed & listed in the major online search engines (google, yahoo, msn etc). Your domain url name & address remains in obscurity until you are recognized as having an Internet presence. If you are new to the web & / or a new website owner & have to learn "how things work" &  you are currently researching & looking for reliable factual information & resources to guide you in the process you are @ a disavantage... "you have a learning curve". However, this site can provide you with reliable resources to help guide you to "free" & fee service resources & web tools. Just Click on the Stone WebMistress Quest for more web information. I freely share information, discovered resources & web tools for my personal self-fulfiiment & to make the the most out of my online Virtual experience & to help my family & friends in their online quests.
Of course, you as a guest visitor, also, will benefit from the information. If you are a "new" do it your self web owner there are several tasks you need to do 1st before you submit your site to the above mention sources.There is another major decision you need to think, consider honestly & reflect. Are you willing & able to continue to do all your website maintenance & promotional work yourself? Do you want to find a person with experience to provide the necessary expertise for SEO & search engine submissions for you? If you have had your site online but not sure where to go for reliable Internet information or services Book Mark this site to your favorites now! Click on the  quick link resources listed below & above on WebMistress Quest for more advance informative sources.
Do It Yourself Resources For New Web Site Owners
Free Site Add On Tools To Enhance Your Website
If you have decided to build your own website for your e-business congratulations.Your online site will save you money on renting office space, business telephone fees, postal, printing shop cost, daily commuting & transportation cost, gas & employee wages. Low start up investment. You determine your work hours. However, be mentally prepare to do mental work & to set priorities. Set aside a specific time & alloted amount of time to work your e-business from home. You must devote time to your online tasks everyday. Don't buy into the sales hype "10 mins" or "less than a hour a day" to a successful Internet business. It will take you 10 mins. or longer (an hour) to scan, open, read, prioritize & reply to your important e-mails even, if you are familar with computers, the Internet & IT. We have several Stone Family members who have successful online e - businesses for over 5 years. I know they must spend more than "10 mins or a hour a day" for their continual success. Use your logic & common sense. Be realistic. Yes, you can start an online e - business of your choice & over time build your traffic & customer base for financial profit & success. "Tip" Be sure to have a seperate e-mail account & address for your e-business e-mails, directories & your search engine submissions. 
Once again, you can have an ultra professional looking personal or an e-business website that you created, design & built or had a WebMaster custom build for you. But nothing happens until certain specific website maintainence & work tasks are done & you promote your site. One of the biggest challenges facing personal website owners & e - business owners on the Internet today is to learn "how to promote" their site successfully to "generate continous targeted traffic" to it and have their traffic increase & produce more than click impressions & one or two page browers. You need high quality targeted traffic visitors that are interested & willing to explore your personal site & sign your guest book. If you have an e - business you need potential consumers. Every Home Base E- Business or established Online E-Commerce Business must have interested consumers, quality traffic & continous customers for a return of investment (roi) & to make a profit.
Provide  Access To Government Resources
9) None of the above apply to you! Maybe you need online USA Government  & /or Immigration resources & information. Government resources are listed for the convenience of our family, friends & you, too. Some people are more Internet savvy surfers & can easily search, find & locate needed information. Some family members & visitors are intimidated by the Internet because they are "new surfers" & don't know "how" to search & / or use the best ToolBar tools to find the information they need. It may not be that way for you but it is for some. It depends on a persons Internet use, experience & skills. The more time you spend on the Internet hopefully, you will learn & your confidence will grow. In the meantime, under our government resources listing there are numerous valuable resources to help you in current informational search.
10) None of the above apply to you! Maybe you need legal help.
Provide Excellent E- Business Solution Resources
11) None of the above apply to you! Maybe you are thinking about starting your own business or starting an e- business on the web & you want to find helpful resources. Maybe you have a sucessful e-business.You need a qualified programmer or a software developer. Click above headings to Stone WebMistress Quest for referrals. If you need a solution to your online business " bottlenecking problems"  click here now (Highly Recommended).
Information On How You Can Support Us  (WIP...)
12) None of the above apply to you! Maybe you are an admirer or friends of our cousins Carl & Louis Stokes & his family.How far have we come?  Why are Carl & Louis Stokes Non Mainstream Hereos & Legends? Can anyone e-mail me & please tell me why a dynamic multi - talented & dimensional man of my cousin, Carl B. Stokes, stature is not recognized Nationwide on "Posters  & Advertisement for Black History Month"? One of Carl Stokes's sons, Cordell E. Stokes, has chosen to follow in his father's political footsteps. He is making a difference on the political arena for African Americans in Las Vegas, Nevada. He could use your support. It doesn't matter where you live. You can subcribe "free" to the Caucus of African American Nevadans (CAAN) @
Maybe you are a big fan of our late cousin, Rick James, artistic achievements. Keep his music alive!  Rick James was a talented songwriter & musician. Request his music on your favorite radio station. His daughter, Ty James, has chosen to follow in her fathers musical footsteps. Ask your station to play her music, too!  Did you know the late" Melvin Franklin" of the Temptations is related to us too?  So, if you are a child of the 70's & love oldies but goodies request his music & the "GodFather of Soul"  James Brown be played, too!
13)  #1... Help Us Promote this site worldwide!  How has this site's information helped you? If this site's information, free referral sources & / or resources has saved you time, helped & benefited you, your family & / or friends educational quests, family search quests, health quests, Internet & / or Web Owner "free" expert informational sources, online web tools & newsletters, link exchanges quests we ask that you take the time now to  forward this site to everyone in your address book. Recommend & send our family site to your family, friends & associates with a personal e-mail note. #2... We ask for you to e-mail a testimonial on "how" our family site was helpful to you, include your valued referral resources to publish on upcoming Virtual Community Page & give us permission to publish your testimonial. #3...We ask if you have personal stories, documented information & / or photos about of our Stone Family that you take the time to gather your information & / or photos donate &  submit them to us. You may contact me from any page on this site by posting a message in the Alive Chat Box or Comments @ the very bottom of all pages.
                                                              We Appreciiate Your Support!

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