The Stone Family Commemorative 2004 Legacy Photograph Album

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Stone Family Genealogy Ethnic Resources

The Passage Of Time.....

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Time is one of Life's most precious Commodities. Therefore, use it wisely. Learn to always live in the moment. Enjoy every moment, every second, every minute, every hour and day of your life. Your Mind is your most precious Asset and Inner Resource. Today's moments and thoughts are tomorrows golden cheerished experienced memories. We encourage you to find the Time to Invest in "Yourself". Invest in your knowlegde, your unique family's genealogy, history and enhance the quality of your life and your life's experiences. "Know Thyself". There is no better life investment than the time you choose to invest in "You". May you always be blessed with the wisdom of inner knowing, ancestral knowledge, divine truth, enlightment and the precious life gift of memory as you experience each breath and every moment's passage of time, life, love and the seasons change in your life .

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Find Your Family's Legacy

Would you like to begin an extraordinary personal Genealogy journey and search for your Ancestors but you are unsure how to get started? Maybe, you have gotten started but you need help on your preliminary research. Well there are several possible answers and options listed on this page dedicated to assist you. The choice is up to you, and it is a matter of indiviual preference. 
There is something very interesting, fascinating and personally rewarding about tracing your family "roots" and lineage, collecting data, identifying ancestors and extended families lines, compiling and organizing a family tree, finding or going through family photo albums and restoring old family photographs. Ancestry knowledge and your Ancestors and family history is yours for the seeking with the help of the above selected and personal recommended Legacy Software Program. This well known comprehensive Software Program is one of the Best Valued High Quality Products on the Internet. It is easy to use software, highly recommended with numerous testimonials by users and it is reasonably price. Best of all, with a simply Click on the Legacy  box you can get started. You, too, can create a lasting legacy!
If you like Archaeology and digging up past artifacts and History or Anthropology and Culture then you will definitely appreciate the collection of valuable Genealogical  "User Friendly" and extremely helpful Point & Click Quick Resource Links of Interests provided below to assist Stone Family Members, Friends and all our Guests Vistors with your own personal Genealogy research. We have gone above and beyond to find these Internet selected listed Genealogy and related Genealogy Resource Links. We can confidently say these Internet resources provide a wealth of valuable information for African Americans, African Native Americans, People of African Descent, other Indigeneous People of Colour and Ethnic Heritage. The listed resources and services links are available to assist you and provide the necessary information you need to make your genealogy research easier and an enjoyable experience. Otherwise, it could take weeks to search, browse and sift through the massive search engine result listing pages and find them on your own. You have the option to conveniently "do it yourself research" or you can commissioned a Genealogy Reseach Project with one of  the professional services listed near the bottom of this page. 
Good Luck!  (Extensive African)  
                                  African American Genealogy Resources        
       (Search Rick James - Guest Book)
                                    Other African American Celebrities.
   (A Bible Resource Site)
The Inherited Family Bible Is A Good Genealogy Resource.
   (African Native American)
                                                               Genealogy  Resources 
  (Jeferrson County, Ga. Information)  (African American)
                                                              DNA Testing (African American Migration)   (Schomburg Center)
                                                       Archival Collections of Images  

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What's New in Genealogy ... Today! - finding ancestors and lost relatives

GeneaLinks - Online Marriage Records Marriage records database and links to genealogy and history sites in a categorized genealogy directory of well-known and not-so-well-known genealogy and history sites

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Search Google "African American Directory". Google is the Best Search Engine for finding African American Genealogy Search Listings.


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