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We hope you've enjoyed your time and experience browsing and familiarizing yourself with our Stone Family web site. Hosted by our Stone Family Virtual Hosts and looking at Our Family's 19th and 20th Century Historical Documented Information, Significant Stone Family History Trivia, Our Notable Stone Family 20th Century Historical Figures and History Makers, Celebrities, Beautiful, Intelligent, Talented, Creative, Accomplished and Phenomenal Stone Family Women, Our Stone Family Members Historical Participation and Contributions to Society and Family Photographs.
We hope this web site enriches the lives of its viewers and you found your time spent with us informative, entertaining, interesting and our listed website Internet quick link resources, referrals and contacts personally helpful and empowering to you. We've enjoyed developing, presenting unintrusive ads and a multi-dimensional technology streaming video/photo site to you. We had to make some hard choices to pick our favorite photos! We would appreciate any photo contributions of our Stone Family that you may like to share and / or donate.
We encourage you to celebrate your unique heritage, family ancestry and history.

If you have comments, suggestions, requests, valuable Internet resources and / or  testimonials, your own family web site success stories or personal empowerment stories from utilizing the listed resources or just want to get in touch to say hi, you can just type it in the comment box below to send an e-mail to me. 
Thank You!
Our Heritage, Our Traditions and Our Memories of Our Ancestors can slip away with passing generations unless we make that special effort to preserved them. It is ennobling and immensely satisfying to be a Stone Family Descendant. This Website is my heartfelt gift to my family and personal contribution to Honor my family's unknown Ancestors from Wrens, Ga. and Beyond, respectfully pay homage to my Grand Mother Wylie Stone - Jenkins and keep the Memory of my Father Percy Jenkins alive. To all my relations - Ashe!
Eternally Yours,
Vondaleah M. Jenkins - Doane

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