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Stone Women Telling Our Stories
Elder Altamese & Cousin Gaynita N.Y.C. 4/12/06

The Stone Family Trivia Challenge
If You Are A Family Member How Well Do You Know The Stone Family History? 
Who Are The Stone Family Women 1st.....
Which Stone Family Woman was among the first African American Woman Head Emergency Room RN's in N.Y.C.? She worked @ Montefeur Hospital in Bronx, N.Y. She was the Montefluer Hospital First African American Head Nurse. She retired from the hospital in 1965. She joined, dance & toured with The N.Y.C. Famous Tapping Seniors until 2004.
Which Stone Family Woman was historically among this Nations first African American Superintendent Woman for Rikers Island Correctional Insituition for Women in N.Y.C.? This Stone Family Member utilized her position of authority to implement innovated policies and operational procedures to help prison inmates better themselves while serving time in N. Y. Rikers Island Correctional Insituition.
Which Stone Family Woman is a former Assistant Attorney General for the State of Ohio and is currently a Judge of the Cleveland Municipal Court in Ohio?
Which Stone Woman is the Director of Development for the Howard University Founders Library?
Which Stone Family Woman is a New York T. V. News Anchor Woman and has worked for MSNBC and WABC ?
Which Stone Famly Woman is a top African American Music Promoter?
(Clue: Her Company is Ya Ya Productions in La. California)
Which Stone Woman is a Beautiful African American Woman, Lyricist, Singer & Rick James Daughter?
Which Stone Family Woman was Miss Black America New York State Finalist Contestant from the County of Queens, New York for the 1977 Pagent? Worked for CBS in the 1970's as a Music Promoter.
Which Stone Family Woman was one of the first African American Commercial Print Ad Models for The Army Reserves National Recruitment Posters in the 1970's? She was, also, hired by T.W.A. as the 1st group of African American Airline International Hostess. She is a World Traveler, Photojournalist and is currently a Yoga Instructor in the City of Philadelphia, Pa.
Who is......

Essie Murph

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Which Stone Family Woman Is An Emmy Award Journalist Winner?

Click Here: Lori Stokes

Click Here: T. V. News Archives

Click Here: Lori Stokes Presenter Of 2002 Ebony African American Honor Awards In Marketing & Communication

Click Here: Lori Stokes C Span 2 Video Archive

Click Here: TV News Archives

Click Here: 7 Stokes

Which Stone Family Member Has Been Name The Most Beautiful Anchor Woman On American TV?

Click Here: Lori Stokes WABC TV 7 Online Recipe

Lori Stokes Wilipedia Biography

N. Y. Emmy 2006 Nominations: Lori Stokes, Anchor For Coverage Of An Instant Breaking News Story On 4/11/05.

Women Of Achievement 2006 Awards Lori Stokes Mistress Of Ceremony

Which Stone Family Woman Is Director Of Public Relations @ Howard University Founders Library?

Howard University Libraries Creativity Zone

Howard University Libraries Faces & Voices

Invitation To Become Part Of A Great Legacy

WIP...... More To Come

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"Your Life Is About Your Choices"
Stone Family Choices.......
Many of our Stone Family Members have aspire and become prominent people in their communities. We are proud of the family's ministers that have chosen to continue the legagcy of our Grand Father "Papa" William Stone. We are proud of the judges, lawyers, political activists & community advocates, doctors, nurses, social workers, correctional officiers,  D & A counsellors, the Ph.d's , teachers
and our scholars, communication, public affairs and public relations specialists, writers, photo journalists and artists CEO's and enterpreneurs that are Stone Family Members and their contributions to our communities and  American Society.

Guidance & Nurturing
African Stone

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Search Google for Shelley Stokes - Hammond, Lori Stokes -Thompson, Angela Stokes & Ty James continuation of her father Rick James music legacy.
Search for Essie Murph, Shelley Stokes - Hammond, Lori Stokes - Thompson....


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