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Updated 2004 Stone Family Directory Listing - Work In Progress 

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Living Relatives of Fannie Brinson -  Stone
One of Fannie B. Stone Sister's Jane Brinson - Pughsley Great Grand Daughters 
Luella Burney Up the Grove & Family
Luella Burney Up the Grove
Jeanne Up the Grove
Jennifer Up the Grove
Jacqueline "Jackie" Up the Grove
John Up the Grove Jr.
Living Decendants of Fannie Brinson - Stone
From Fannie's Daughter Veda Stone - President
Veda's Daughter Fannie President - Merritt
Harold Merritt & Family
Harold Merritt
Veda's Daughter Estella President - Allison
Kenneth  Allison, Jr.
Gregory & Debra Allison & Family
Debra Allison - Griffin Family
Debra Allison - Griffin
Nicole Griffin
Oktavi Allison - Delbridge Family
Oktavi Allison - Delbridge
Rebecca Delbridge
Veda's Daughter Arethera President - Ivory
Maria Ivory Family
Maria Ivory
Messina Ivory & Family
Alton Ivory
Adrian Ivory Family
Adrian Ivory
Kia Ivory - Poe
Dominque Poe - Varges
Darrick Poe Jr.
Lenoard Thompson
Candice Thompson
Capricia Thompson
Veda's Daughter Amy President - Shelton
Elaine Eddy Rankin Family
Elaine Eddy Rankin
Troy Eddy
Troy Eddy, Jr.
Michael & Jenny Morton & Family
Veda Shelton - Cooman & Family
Iris Shelton - Mcrae
James Mcrae
Veda's Son Raymond President
La Cressia President Family
La Cressia President
Joyce President - Johnson
Myleen Johnson - Cornelius
Charlise Johnson - Amos
Raymond President Daughter Darlene P. Kelley
Sonjene Kelley
From Fannie's Daughter Estella Stone - Freeman Family
Linton & Ruth Freeman Family
Linton Freeman
Linton Freeman, Jr.
Lynette Ruth Freeman
Estella's Daughter Janie Freeman Ballard
Isna Ballard
Diondra  Ballard - Anderson
Solomon Ballard
Derrick Ballard
Mary Freeman
Walton Freeman
From Fannie's Daughter Lillian (Dellie) Stone - Jenkins / Sims Family
Lillian 's Daughter Emma Sims - Wallace
Dolores Sims - Scott
Robert Scott
Walter Scott
Diane Scott & Family
Bria Scott
Loronza Scott
Lillian's Daughter Alberta Sims - Franklin Family
Lillian's Daughter Louella Sims - Gerald Family
Lillian's Son Macon Sims
Rochelle Sims - Russell
Stella Russell & Family
Lillian's Daughter Freddie Bettie (Mabel) Sims - Johnson Family
Carmen Sims  & Family
Carmen Sims
Stephannie Sims
Carmella Sims & Family
Rodney Sims
Camille Johnson - Hudson Family
Camille Johnson - Hudson
Quintone Johnson
Karen Johnson
Carwell Johnson & Family
Ariane & Paul Redd
James Johnson, Jr. Family
Ricky Jr.
Tanya Ann Hijazi
Tasmin Johnson
Leroi C, Johnson & Family
Leroi C. Johnson
 (Please Submit Information)
Sherrill Johnson Family
Sherrill Johnson
Iva Johnson & Family
(Please Submitt Information)
Alberta (Birdie) Johnson
Children of Brother William Johnson Family
Shawn Johnson
Alicia (Penny) Johnson Family
Alicia (Penny) Johnson
Malaya Johnson
Brittanica Johnson
From Lillian's Son Roy Sims Family
Sylvia Sims - Bey
William Roy Sims (Haazim Shareef) Family
William Roy Sims ''                        "
Naeemah Shareef - Ruffin & Family
Iman Shareef & Family
Isaac Shareef
Jihan Shareef
Shahrazad Shareef
Muselimah Shareef
Roy Bell Family
Roy & Karen Bell
Michelle Bell
Derrick Bell
Patrick Bell
Neifarrah Bell
Kimmie Bell
Kawanis Sims - Woodruff Family
Kwanis Sims - Woodruff
Kevin Woodruff
John Woodruff
Living Decendants of Fannie Brinson - Stone
From Fannie's Daughter Wylie Stone - Jenkins Family
Wylie's Daughter Louise Jenkins - Snell
Doris Snell
Wylie's Son Walter Jenkins
Wyline Jenkins
Walter Jenkins, Jr.
Ed Willie Jenkins
(Need Daughter & Sons )
Updated Information
Linda Tedesco - Martin
Nia K. Murray
Wylie's Daughter Melba Jenkins
Daughter Barbara Jenkins - Howell Family
Gaynita Howell -  Painten
Derrick Howell Family
Derrick Howell
Angela G. Howell
Tashia Howell
Felicia M. Howell
Cynthia Howell
William  Howell Jr.
Andrew Howell
Wylie's Son Percy Jenkins Family
Curtis A. Jenkins
Vondaleah M. Jenkins - Doane Family
Von Doane
Donald & Claire Doane & Family
Donald Doane
Khary D. Doane
Breanna M. Doane
Amanda M. Doane
Wylie's Daughter Doris Jenkins - Strowbridge Alexander Family
Doris Alexander
James & Barbara Strowbridge Family
James Strowbridge
Sonia Strowbridge - Bradford & Family
Veronica Strowbridge - Meridith & Family
James Strowbridge III & Family
Chelsey Strowbridge
Jeremy Strowbridge
( Need Updated Information)
Loretta Strawberry - Garner Family
Loretta Garner
Aaron Garner
Brandon Garner
(Eric Garner)
Daryl Garner
Alex Garner
From Fannie's Daughter Sarah Stone - Murph Family
Elizabeth Altamese Murph - Bowes
Essie Murph - Gouveia
Sarah's Son Alonzo (Tiny) Murph
Charlotte Murph Family
Reginald Murph & Family
Calvin Murph & Family
From Fannie's Daughter Louise Stone - Stokes Family
Louis & Jenette "Jay" Francis Stokes Family
Louis Stokes
Shelley Stokes - Hammond Family
Brett Hammond
Eric Hammond
Grant Hammond
Louis (Chuck) Stokes, Jr. Family
Kelly Stokes
Kimberely Stokes
Angela R. Stokes
Lori Stokes - Thompson
Alexandra Thompson
Nicolette Thompson
Louise's Son Carl Stokes Family
Carl B. Stokes, Jr.
Cordi D. Stokes - Awad
Cybill Quinn McBee
Cordell E. Stokes
Cordell E. Stokes, Jr.

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If you are a John & Mariah Stone Family Descendant or have Ancestors in common with us we encouage you to contact our family members. Family members wishing to contact family listed on the Stone Family Directory please contact listed Stone Family Legacy Committee Members, your Stone Family's Telephone Tree contact person or use the above form. All Family Personal Information Deemed Private. Privacy Respected. Therefore, personal information is not listed on this site.
Stone Family Requests To Update Family's Records & / or Directory Contact Information.

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