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Cementary Entrance
Photo Credit: Mike Reed Find A Grave Member

Veda Stone - President (10 Children)
(DOB 1880 - DOD)
Deceased Children
Fannie President -Merritt
Arthera President- Ivory
Fred President
Carl President
Amy President-Shelton
(DOB 12/22/17 - DOD 2/23/80)
Raymond President
Deceased Children
Raymond President, Jr.
Darlene President - Kelley
Clifford President
Harvey President
James President
Deceased Grandchildren
Oscar Merritt
Oscar Merrit, Jr.
Alton President
William Eddy
Estella (Todda) Stone -  Freeman 
(10 Children)
(DOB Feburary 10, 1883 - DOD October 21, 1978)
Deceased Children
Jannie Freeman (3 Children)
James Henry (1 Child)
Wynona Freeman
Allee Freeman - Blair
(1908 - 1976)
Boisie Freeman
Thomas Freeman 
Juluis Freeman
Robert Freeman
Linus Freeman
Lillian (Dillie) Stone - Jenkins /Sims  (6 Children)
(DOB 1885 -DOD)
Deceased Children
Emma Sims - Wallace
Alberta Sims - Franklin
Macon Sims
Freddie Bettie Sims - Johnson
Deceased Children
James Johnson, Jr. 02/01/48 - 08/06/04
William Johnson
Deceased Grandchildren
William Johnson Jr.
Roy Sims
Deceased Children
Wanda Sims
Sebram (Seaborne) Stone (No Known Children)
(DOB May 1885 - DOD)
Wylanta "Wylie"  Stone - Jenkins (7 Children)
(DOB October 27, 1888 - DOD Feburary 1975)
Deceased Children 
Louise Jenkins - Snell
Edward Willie Jenkins
Walter Jenkins
Deceased Children
Melba Jenkins
(10/06/16 - 4/10/00)
Deceased Children
Barabara (Bobbie) Jenkins - Howell
(6/26/33 - 7/22/99)
Deceased Grandchildren
Maurice Howell
Percy Jenkins
(DOB May 5, 1922 - DOD March 25, 1994)
Ann Jenkins
(DOB - DOD Unknown Childhood Spirit Transition)
Fred Stone (No Known Children)
(DOB February 1891 - DOD 1923)
Sarah (Saddie) Stone - Murph (5 Children)
(DOB  April 12, 1892 - DOD May 15, 1971)
Deceased Children
James Murph
 (DoB - DOD)
Cleo Murph
Alonzo (Tiny) Murph 
Deceased Grand Children
Elmore Bowes, Jr.
Charles Stokes Buried Highland View Cemetary
Louise Stone - Stokes (2 Children)
(DOB October 27, 1895- DOD Febuary 12, 1978)
Deceased Children
Carl Stokes (3 Children)
Redie Stone -  Fleming (2 Children)
Deceased Children (Unknown)
Pughsley (Doc) Stone (No Known Children)
(DOB May 2, 1898 - DOD December 1982)
William (Boy) Stone (No Known Children)
(DOB 1902 - DOD June 26,1923)
This page is Dedicated to All Our Blood Relations. Our Stone Family Ancestors were deeply grounded in Spiritual, Religious, Cultural and Family Traditions.

Download Stone Family Photo Archives. All Stone Family Members lives are important and are welcome at our archives. All contributions, stories, letters, tapes etc.concerning our Stone Family will be accepted from Stone Family Members and the Public.

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Tribute To U. S. Ambassador Carl B. Stokes 2/11/97

Carl B. Stokes Lake View Cemetary Cleveland, Ohio.

"I Will Remember You"
Stone Family Memorial Rememberance
Photo Credit: Joyce C. Ellsworth Find A Grave Volunteer

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