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Welcome to the Stone Family Official Site and Photo Album!

W e're creating this intergrated digital photo album and simplistic family web site both to help us keep track of our favorite Stone Family photograhs and to have the Internet online opportunity to share our Commemorative 2004 Stone Family Legacy Celebration and our most treasured life memories, life stories and unforgetable life experiences with our family, relatives and friends all over the world. We extend a personal invitation to you to visit our site, browse and explore our genealogy, unique family history and fascinating family members.
Some of you may even find surprising pictures of yourselves here! If not, and you have a photo of yourself with one or a group of our family members please send an e-mail message and let us know. You have your choice of several contact options. You  may choose and select between either the convenient private 24/7 access with the Alive Chat or the Stone WebMistress Contact or the Public Comment Box at the bottom of all our site pages. We eagerly look forward to reading your posted messages and hearing from you.
You don't think you know Our Stone Family? Do you recognize the name Carl B. Stokes, Louis Stokes, Rick James, James Brown and Danny Glover ? Have you ever heard of the name Lori Stokes? There are many other well known related family members and names to many to mention here. The "Good Exciting News" is you are just moments and a click away from discovering the - real life genealogy and history - of the Stone Family. We invite you to take the time to explore our family web site and meet our many other interesting family members, too.
We, also, need and request your participation, help and valuable assistance. We are searching for 19th & 20th Century Vintage Black & White Photographs of Wrens, Ga. and the surrounding Jefferson County area, Philadelphia, Pa., Erie, Pa., New York City, Buffalo, N.Y. and Cleveland, Ohio. What Black & White Photographs can you personally contribute and donate to our Stone Family's Virtual History Collection?
Can you contribute information, old newspaper clippings or magazine articles, personal life inspiring stories & / or photos about our Stone Family? Please Bookmark This Site Now To Your Favorites. We encourage you to come back often to visit us. Please take the time before you leave to Sign Our Stone Family Guest Book. Let us know you visited us today. Leave your personal imprint, thoughts, impressions and expressions before you leave us. Thank You.

Your Signature Requested

We hope to update our site pages with your help of shared & / or donated 20th Century historical photographs of the above requested places, family studio portraits, candid photographs and new Millennium photographs from our Stone Family members future social gatherings and events.
Mostly, everyone enjoys taking pictures of family and friends. I know, I want to remember those special and precious moments forever! What about you? Are you passionate about the art of photograhy? Are you a photographer who can not only take pictures but you can capture the emotion of your subject or any event? Are you interested in digital photography? Click the underlined link below if you seriouly want to reach your desired digital photograhy goals and creative aspirations with your digital camera. Discover digital photo success techniques that you can quickly learn and use to achieve with your digital camera to get the best digital photographs of your family and friends for your photo album and to display online.

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Commemorative 2004 Photograph
Vondaleah M. Jenkins - Doane and Louis Stokes

Contact Me

Vondaleah M. Jenkins - Doane is the daughter of Percy Jenkins from Philadelphia, Pa. and one of Wylie Stone - Jenkins Grand Daughters. She is the initial Creator, Builder and WebMistress of this site, a Stone Family Event Coordinator, Family Historian and Photographer.
For those family members and visitors I have not met let me introduce myself. My name is Von Doane. I live and work from my home in the city known as "Brotherly Love & Sisterly Affection" Philadelphia, Pa. (USA). As the Stone Family Site WebMistress I am greatly enjoying the challenges and the experience of creating my family's web site; sharing our genealogy and most importantly acknowledging our African and American Ancestors, our cultural history, spiritual, emotional and physical life passages, journeys, unexpected challenging tests, trials, tribulations, our indivual as well as our family positive life outcomes, joys of outstanding life time achievements, triumphs and overall life accomplishments. Our family's American History has an inspiring message for those that take the time to visit, look, explore, read and listen to many of our family members through the video and audio point & click quick links for your convinence.
I believe, this site is worthy of your valuable time. I know this site can have a positive impact on your life if you are willing to invest your time.There is alot of written and online documented information to read, digest and absorb, supporting information links, reference links and referral links to visit. As you can see from the above photograph I am very proud of my ethnic cultural heritage, paternal and maternal lineage and to be a part of the Stone Family. If you are related to us I am sure you are, too! It is my vision to ultimately make this site one of the Best Award Winning Genealogy, Family History and # 1 Unparalleled  Collection Of Recommended Resources and Referral Sites on the Internet. It is my heart felt pleasure to present to you my family, our family, the Stone Family.

The Stone Family

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Stone Family Site Term Of Use

Important Please Read
Terms of Use for Stone Family Members & Visitors: Discretion is Advised. Our Stone Family Site is public. Therefore, potentially everyone worldwide and especially, anyone with Internet services has access to this site. Please be mindful and respectful of family members privacy and confidentiality concerning any written information content and photographs uploaded by family designated site maintainers & / or donated material submissions to our Stone Family site for use.  We sincerely appreciate all kind gestures of help.
We appreciate your support. Special Thanks to all who have submitted your photographs of our family to the Stone Family Digital Photo Album. Please be sure to keep in contact with our family members at this website through the visitor's comment box or create a new family contact site of your own @ . Please feel free to personally keep in touch with the Stone Family Legacy Committee and inform us with contributing information, suggestions or comments regarding The Official Stone Family Site!
 We value your feedback.
The Stone Family
We are collectively referred to as the Stone Family. There is a wealth of information on this site. All Stone Family Descendants may use, modify and redistribute family history information provided on this site. Warning to all family users and visitors do not utilize our site in a manner which is disparaging to our families or to the Stone name.
This site was created to enable all 
Matilda & John Stone, Mariah & Sebran Brinson / Mariah & Prince King and Fannie Brinson & William Stone Family Living Members and Relatives to have access to our Stone Family Tree, a culmination of historical documented facts, Vintage and Millennium photograhs pertaining to our family, shared personal genealogy knowledge, oral documented history, written documented history and information, up to date Stone Family Directory and intergrated beneficial online resources. We have chosen to utilize the convenient time saving and cost effective Internet access as a point to facilitate worldwide communication.
This site is independently African Native American owned and operated. This site is designed, also, to provide easy 24/7 free access to competent,  reliable and viable Internet informational sources to benefit and empower family, friends and all visitors. We embrace the" Golden and Platinum Rule" of Life. Treat others the way you want to be treated in your personal interactions. Treat others with respect and the way they expect to be treated in their engagement and interaction with you. All visitors are welcome!
We hope you enjoy your visit and leave more informed.
This site offers the best Complimentary Internet Resource Quick Links  Visitors Referrals To Free Online Professional Web Tools and Specialty Search Engines Access for WebMasters . As the WebMistress, my personal mission and # 1 priority is to search and find the best Internet resources. Disclaimer: These web site links are listed as a resource and a convenience to our visitors. I have reviewed, verified and validated all found, referred & / or submitted referral sources. I assume that all information mention and sites listed, featured & / or links to be authentic, honest, legal and ethical. Links followed to websites are to the official site and may be verify by downloading & / or using the Alexa ToolBar. Available for free. @ www. Users personal judgement is required and encouraged with fee services, products & / or Affiliate Programs. I / We take no responsiblity and give no guarantees, waranties or representations implied or otherwise, for the content of these sites. All listed sites Intellectual Property and Copyrights Are Reserved.
If you are a new visitor to our site we invite you to discover who we are and how our Stone Family site may help you and your family find valuable Internet resources you and your family may need. We encourage you to come back and visit us.
Recommend your family and friends to visit and tour our Wrens Stone Family Site.

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Knowlegde Is Power. Information Is Empowerment. Access To Both Knowledge and Information Can Empower You. Access To The Right Informational Sources and Quality Resources Can Lead You To Achieve Success!

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