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This photo page will introduce the Intial Stone Family Core Reunion Commitee Event Planners, Coordinators and New York Hosts. We have attempted to have at least one interested, committed and dedicated volunteered family representative from each of the indivivual Stone Sister's families. Please contact us if, you are a Stone family member and you are interested in becoming an active committed and dedicated volunteered representative to help us organize future family special event gatherings and reunions.

Richard Schaffer and Iris Mcrae

Iris is one of Amy President - Shelton Daughters and Veda Stone - President Grand Daughters.

James Mcrae and Haazim Shareef

James is Iris Shelton - Mcrae's son. Haazim Shareef (William Roy Sims) is one of Roy Sims sons and Lillian Stone - (Jenkins) Sims Grand Sons.

Louis Stokes and Shelly Stokes - Hammond

Louis Stokes is one of Louise Stone - Stokes sons. Shelly Stokes - Hammond is one of Louis Stokes daughters and Louise Stokes Grand Daughters.

Alberta Johnson talking with friends. Alberta Johnson is one of Freddie Bettie Sims - Johnson daughters. Alberta is one of Lillian Stone - (Jenkins) Sims Grand Daughters.

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Our Stone Family
Our Favorite Things
To help you get acquainted & to know us better, in this area we will have family members give a short written composite description of themselves, their hobbies & interests or list a few of the things they like most (favorite food, favorite movie, favorite sport, favorite links, and so on).
We enjoy spending quality time with our families. Cooking, Family & Social Home Entertaining, Celebrating Birthdays, Anniversaries & the Holidays, Reading, the sound of Gospel, Jazz & R&B Music, Dancing, Playing Music, Art, Film, the Movies, Photography & Sports Enthusiats. Most of us enjoy walking, driving & traveling both Domestic & Internationally. We are savvy Travellers & Shoppers!

"Preservation Of Culture & Heritage"
African Stone

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Download the Stone Family Initial Reunion Proposal for the Commemorative 2004 Weekend. Password Required.


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