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greet & meet reception
Photographs by Young Kreations N.Y.C.

Stone Family Hospitality Room
greet & meet reception
Friday evening 11/19/04 Reception

greet & meet reception
Charles & Naeemah Shareef - Ruffin & her father Hazim Shareef

greet & meet reception
Dorothy & one of her daughter's Museelimah Shareef

greet & meet reception
Linda T. & her daughter Nia Martin

greet & meet reception
Von Doane & her grandson Khary Doane

greet & meet reception
Cousins Cynthia Howell & Iris Mcrae

greet & meet reception
Cousins Carmen Sims & James Mcrae

greet & meet reception
Sisters Camille & Alberta "Birdie" Johnson

greet & meet reception
Camille Johnson - Hudson, Charles & Naeemah Shareef - Ruffin

greet & meet reception
Ariane Redd, Aunt Alberta Johnson & Cousin Rodney Sims

greet & meet reception
Sonata & Gregory Allison, Jr. & one of their Aunts Oktavi

greet & meet reception
Carlton Allison & his father Gregory Allison playing the piano.

greet & meet reception
Gregory Allison with son Carlton reviewing old family photographs.

greet & meet reception
Penny Johnson entering Stone Family Hospitality Room with her daughter Malaya

The Stone Family Reception, Banquet &  2004 family weekend was a memorable & unforgetable experience! We had welcoming smiles, great rates, attenative service & amenities @ the  JFK Holiday Inn. (Highly Recommended)
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