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Stone Family Historical Figures
American Politics
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                                    B. Stokes and the Rise of Black Political Power
Carl B. Stokes and the Rise of Black Political Power

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Carl Stokes 1967
Photo Credits: The Cleveland Memory Collection

Carl Stokes 1971
"The Achiever Of Many First" His Successful Achievements Gave Us Hope.

Special Collection Media Film Archives

Carl Stokes Biography @ Wikipedia

President Names Seychelles Ambassador

Seychelles US Embassy Appointments

Carl B. Stokes Video Tribute

Carl B. Stokes A Political Hero

Cleveland State University, Howard A. Sims African American Cultural Center, Recognizes Carl & Louis Stokes As Historical Figures For Black History Month 2006.

Stone Family History Trivia
Test Your Knowledge of Events.
What two Stones brothers were National Public Figures?
Who was admitted to the Ohio Bar in 1957 and elected the first African American Democrat to the Ohio House of Representatives in 1962?
Who was the first African American Mayor of a major U.S. city?
What city was it?
What year did he become mayor?
What was his inaugrated date?
What was his middle name?
It was a historical time and event for African Americans when this Stone Family became mayor. He made history repeatedly over the course of his life's political career endeavors. This Stone Family Member was on the Cover of Time Magazine in 1967, he was also, the first African American Anchor Man and Broadcaster @ WNBC-TV in N.Y.C. in 1972. He was an award winning broadcast journalist for 8 years. He authored his memoirs, A Promise of Power: A Political Autobiography.
You can read his online e-book for free @
He was elected a Municipal Court Judge in 1983 and in 1994 he was appointed by President Bill Clinton the US Ambassador of Seychelles.
He was the first American elected to all three branches of government---the legislative, the executive and the judical. He was awarded 14 Honorary Degrees. He was a member of the Horation Alger Association of Distinguished Americans & many other Civic Organizations. The National League of Cities unanimously voted him it's first African American president -  elect.
Who is his brother?
What was his brother's political tittle and government office?
How many years did his brother hold office? 
Which brother recieved a Doctor of Law Degree in 1953?
Which brother is a lawyer, statesman, administator and educator?
Which brother is a Founding Member of the Congressional Black Caucus in 1969? 
Which brother was honored with the Congressional Distinguished Service Award?
What year did he recieved it?
He has an outstanding public office career and tenure. He was the first African American of Congress from the State of Ohio. He has played a privitol role in the quests for social change and justice in America. He was Honored by his family's Stone Family Legacy Committee as a highly regarded Stone Family Elder at their Commemorative 2004 Legacy Awards Program. He has deservely received numerous  prestigious Civic Citations. He was named one the "Most Influential Black Americans" by Ebony magazine every year since 1971. He is the recipient of the " Martin Luther King, Jr. Award" from Ebony magazine and the William L. Dawson Award from the Congressional Black Caucus. He has 26 Honorary Degrees from colleges and universities across the nation.
Which of Fannie and William Stone daughters were the brothers mother?
Below: Louise & Charles Stokes 1925 Professional Photograhy Studio Sitting

The Parents of the American History Makers.
Charles & Louise Stokes with son Louis 1925
African American Family Portrait

Name Cleveland's Woman of the Year 1968.
Louise Stokes 1968
Name Ohio's Mother of the Year 1969

A Mother's Love For Her Children
African Stone Family

Louise Stokes is remembered as an incredible woman who was a blessing to her family. Like many of the Stone women she was the backbone of her family. She gave what is essential to life and living - love. Her family was precious to her and they valued and appreciated her presence in their lives. She was a positive influential force in her family's lives. Her son's attitudes were shaped early on by their mother's strong influence. She help keep both of her sons grounded. She was very much aware of the importance of attaining an education. She knew it was a passport to position oneself for a  better path in life. Especially, for African Americans who had been historically left out. She guided and helped channeled her sons energy into their full potential. She took an active interest in her sons and her grandchildren. As you can see profound results emerged and is continously emerging through the generations. Her unconditional loving and high energy presence enriched her sons, her grandchildren and the the lives of her family members and friends in Shaker Heights. Her grandchildren have shared many warm memories and stories of how special their grandmother made them feel. They often speak about the amazing gifted power of love she had in her hands. How like her mother and her sisters she was spiritually enriched and had the abilty to make something very special out of nothing or  something special 
out of very little. How she was a loyal and steadfast friend, confidante and helped her family with her wisdom to handle many of the life challenges they faced before her death.
Recommended for those who love to learn by reading...

Louis Stokes
Photo Credit: The Library of Congress.

US Association of Former Members of Congress

Louis Stokes Ground Breaking Speech For The Louis Stokes Health Sciences Library Building @ Howard University

Louis Stokes Dedication Cermony Speech For The Louis Stokes Health Sciences Library Building @ Howard University

Louis Stokes Health Sciences Library

Civil Rights Tme Line And Historical Events

Rev. Jesse Jackson Eulogy Acknowledgement Of Great Black Civil Rights Leaders

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You can find historical facts and more useful biographical information about these Distinguished & Notable Stone Family Stokes Brothers & Political Leaders @ the following links:   (Louis Stokes)
You can find books, encyclopedia and other educational reading materials @ the largest online Library. Helpful Resources & References for Carl & Louis Stokes.    (Search Carl Stokes & Louis Stokes)
Carl B. Stokes
(View the Cleveland Press Collection)
(Click on online Karamu Walking Tour Exhibit)  (Carl Stokes)

Famous Prince Hall Free Masons

Famous Kappa Alpha Psi

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U.S. Politicians: Carl B. Stokes (Document # 178529) 
Louis Stokes (Document # 179161)

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Click Here: Carl B. Stokes Archive Time Magazine Cover

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African American Stone Family Success Story
Carl B. Stokes U.S. Federal Courthouse Cleveland Ohio

Click Here To Read The Tribute To US Ambassador Carl B. Stokes.

Click Here: Carl B. Stokes Federal Building Dedication 2002  (Architects For The Carl B. Stokes)
                            U. S. Federal Courthouse & Office Building 

Click Here: Natural Traditional Stone For Commercial & Residence Building Construction

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