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Music.....Good For The Soul 

James  A. Johnson Jr. aka Rick James
A Stone Family Celebrity

Explore This Dedicated Page 

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Rick James Fans Gathered To Remember Him & His Music

Rick James 1948 to 2004 Images In The Celebration Of His Life

Memorial Service Celebrating The Life Of Rick James In CA.

Thousands Pay Final Respect To Rick James In Buffalo, N.Y.

Stone Family Famous Celebrities Music Videos & Film Tribute
Remember Rick James for more than his Celebrity.
There was more to Super Star Rick James than his Celebrity.
The Story: More To Come On The R & B Funk Legend from the people that loved and knew him and their perspectives. James A. Johnson, Jr. was a son, brother, nephrew, cousin, uncle, partner/spouse, father, grandfather and friend. He was Human like all of us. He was a brillant man and an accomphished music artist that had the ability to touch people worldwide through his creative talent and his music. He wrote rhymes, peoms, songs and music. He sang both lead and background vocals. He could play numerous instruments. He played lead and bass guitar, the harmonica, clavinet, keyboards, synthesizer, vibes, African Slot Drum, congas and timbales. His signature instrument was the guitar. Rick wrote original song lyrics, timeless ballards, and music, composed, arranged, produced music, sang, genuninely enjoyed performing, energetically and flirtatiously moved and entertain during his live concerts, t.v. & music video performances.
He was a multi - dimensional, multi -  faceted, multi - talented and gifted indivivual. He created the dynamic persona and colorful character Rick James from his vivid imagination and his "alter ego". He wrote his best songs and his music from his personal urban life Buffalo, N.Y. experiences. He was honest and he was real. People could relate to him, connect with his lyrics, identify with his funk sound. His signature sound, music and vocal chords touched, tapped the inner emotions and stirred us. Shifted our mood. Made us capture our mind's thoughts, feelings, our own life experiences, our memories and motivated us to express ourselves and dance. His beats kept us on our feet dancing, living life and being in the moment with ourselves.
Like most of our Stone Family Members Rick James had personality, great presence, was charismatic, a generous spirit and knew how to give a room or a stage atmosphere. He always acknowledged God as his creator and thanked him for his life and inspiration, his mother Betty for her love, faith and support and his family, personal friends, band, co-musicians and hand clappers on his Album's inside sleeve covers. His Legacy to his family, his children and grandchildren is his music. Hopefully, "You & I" can reflect upon Rick's life, music, learn from our observations and have more insight and compassion for the human experience. Especially, our own.

Rick James Talented Gifted Musician & Astute Businessman

The Buffalo News " Rick James' Last Lyrics"

Are You Ready To View & Experience A Convenient Collection Of The Very Best Stone Family Members Celebrities & Their Friends Music? Free Audio & Classic Online Music Videos Entertainment. Watch, Have Fun & Share!
The Stone Family Digital Entertainment Corner

FYI: Viewer Discretion Advised. Adult Language Is Used On Most Of The Legendary King Of Funk Rick James Live Concert Music Audio Recording Clips & Video Performances. Click On Links Listed Below To Preview!
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Click Here: Read Article About The Early Rick James Music Years.

Click Here: Visit & Browse Soul Patrol Music Listings (#40) To Find Tribute & Listen To Rick James "Rare Pre-MoTown Album (1973-74)".

Click Here: See Rick James & The Stone City Band Classic Music Video

Fans Of The Stone City Band Check This Out

Click Here: Listen To Rick James & The Classic Motown Sound 1977...

Read Rick James 1979 U. K . Overview To 2004

Click Here: See Vintage Rick James & Teena Marie Music Video

Click Here: View Teena Marie & Classic Motown

Fans Of The Mary Jane Girls Check This Out

Mary Jane Girls Debut Album Released 1980 Produced, Written And Arranged By Rick James

Mary Jane Girls "Boys" 1983 Music Video

Mary Jane Girls Original "In My House" Music Video

Mary Jane Girls On American Bandstand T. V. Dance Show Video

Watch The Mary Jane Girls American Bandstand Visit # 2 T. V. Dance Show Video

Mary Jane Girls On Soul Train T. V. Dance Show Video

Go To Find & Listen To More Of The Mary Jane Girls

Read Mary Jane Girls U. K. SoulWalking Overview

Click Here: Find More Information About The Mary Jane Girls

Click Here For Classic Motown Sound & Vintage Video Music Clips

Find, Listen & View Free Music Video Archives

See Rick James & Daughter Ty James Photo & Article

The Legacy Continues Artist Ty James MP3

Click Here Go Visit & Support Ty James My Space

Find The Latest Rick James News Article @ Music

Find The Latest Rick James Documentary Film & Movie Updates & Much More

Rick James Online Music Chat Forums & Groups For You To Visit

Join, Become A Member & Participate In The Rick James Official Forum

Join Rick James Lives Group. Keep Rick James Memory & Music Alive!

David English aka Melvin Franklin

Melvin Franklin Music Bio

Melvin Franklin Rick James Uncle Documentation

Distant Cousin Of Melvin Franklin: David Ruffin

Read The History Of The Temptations

Temptations & The Classic Motown Sound

E-Book Available See Link Beow
Graphic Credit: Helecas Graphics

A Memoir: David Ruffin My Temptation By Genna Sapia Ruffin, Wife Of The Late Singer David Ruffin

Introducing: Soul Fantasy

Legends of Rhythm & Soul 3 Volume Set

Legends of Rhythm & Soul 4 Volume Set plus FREE Bonus

GodFather Of Soul

Godfather Of Soul Virtual Destination

GodFather Of Soul Music Biography

GodFather Of Soul Booking Information

GodFather Of Soul Films & Classic Videos

Click Here: The Soul

Music Trivia
Do You Know .....
What Music Entertainers are Stone Family Members?
Who is the Godfather of Soul?
Who was known as the #1 Soul Brother?
Who was known as Mister Dynamite?
He Sang....
It's a Man's World
When a Man Loves a Woman
Please, Please, Please 
Papa's Got a Brand New Bag
Say It Loud I'm Black & I'm Proud
Which Stone Family Member was a brillant innovative singer, songwritter, talented muscian, performer and producer? Named his band The Stone City Band, the Mary Jane Girls performed back up vocals  for him and Teena Marie was his protege?
Do You Know.....
What Hollywood Celebrity Movie Actor and Activist is a Stone Family Member?

Do you know who are the Stone Family Grammy Music Award Winners?

Click Here: Search Music Awards James Brown, Rick James & Other Music Artists

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"Rick James Forever"

Film & Movie
Stone Family Movie Trivia

Support Black Films

Stone Family Clue Finders: Who is the Famous Stone Family Actor & Activist?
Hollywood Movies

Color Purple

Lethal Weapon


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Artistopia Music Artist Development Resource

Online Record Labels Database Source

Search Or Submit Your Music Here At This Link. Audio & Video Only

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Click Here For Entertainment Law Resources

Music Notes, Sheet Music,  Music Song Lyrics & More

Internet Society for Music Education

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Rick James Lives

Comment: I am honored to join this site as owner of The RickJamesLives website, it is a priveledge to learn all I can about this great man who I loved dearly. Much respect to you all.

Robyn Waters


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On The Road With Rick James By L. R., JR. 

Begin Here To Read "A True Story". As it was written by former stage crew road worker L. R. Jr. and shared on the Rick James Forum with members. Find out what it was like to work for Rick James. Read the ongoing story chapters and the Forum members emotional feedback comments. If you are not a member become a Rick James Forum active member and leave your own personal review and reactional comments.

Read another chapter of the former stage crew road worker L. R., Jr. personal shared experiences traveling during the late 70's with Rick James. "A True Story" On The Road With Rick James & The Stone City Band.

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More Stone Family Famous Celebrity Entertainment Triva Information Coming Soon.....
Search Google for James Brown, Rick James, Ty James, Melvin Franklin, David Ruffin & Danny Glover.


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