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  • Linton Freeman - Alaskan Highway 93rd Engineer Co.
  • Walton Brown Freeman - Elementary Teacher Rosenwald School Wrens, Georgia.

Linda T. Martin Daughter of Walter Jenkins
Daughter Of Margie Tedesco & Walter Jenkins

  • Linda Martin - Documentary Are You Black Or White?

Von Doane Stone Family WebMistress
Von Doane Daughter Of Doris & Percy Jenkins

  • Von Doane - N. Y. C. National Domestic Violence Hotline

                                   9/11 Hotline   Counselor

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Every Family Has Stories & Some One Special To Tell Them. The Importance Of Understanding Politics & Social Context.

Historical Timeline Overview (1619 to 2005)

Paving The Roads & Opening Doors To In America Opportunities For People Of African Descent.

Click Here: Linton Freeman 1918 - 2006

Click Link: Linton Freeman, activist in church, civic and political causes

Linton Freeman is a revered Stone Family Elder and an esteemed cousin that lives with his wife Ruth in Cleveland, Ohio. Linton & Ruth have enjoyed the bonds of love, friendship and marriage for 63 years. How many couples have this good fortune? Linton & Ruth are both Stone Family Historians.The inseperable couple has kept their own family and several generations of Stone Family members accurately informed about our family's Genealogy, updated on our Stone Family history makers, family pioneers and trailblazers achievements with newspaper clippings, magazine articles, photographs mailings, holiday cards and telephone calls throughout the years to keep in touch with family members. Linton & Ruth genunine love for their family has been the threads that have kept our family members intertwine over the years after the spiritual transcendence of Fannie Stone and her daughters the Stone Family Sisters and many of their children. Linton & Ruth were both Honored as Elder Stone Family Members by our family's Stone Family Legacy Committee Commemorative 2004 Awards Program.
Linton, his cousins Carl and Louis Stokes and other family members born in the 1920's experience the meaning of social and racial inequality and inequity.They perservered despite obstacles and overwhelming odds against them. They ingeniously found ways to support themselves, their families and live with dignity. When they had the opportunity to rise above the circumstances in their lives and make a difference within their life times they did. As a result most of them have, also, had the opportunity to experience both the intangible and tangible fruits of their visions, labor and the present on going social, political and economic empowerment transformations.
It is unfortunate they and other people of African descent experienced unjust repressive laws, discrimination, segregation, the depression, hard work / manual labor, meager earnings, seeing distorted negative and stereotyped printed Black Images, hearing and reading in their local newspaper detailed descriptions of intentional malicous accounts about the burning of Black homes, the physical torture of Black people mostly Black males, Tar and Feathered and Public Tree Lynchings by racist mobs and the KKK usually in the South. There was no protection or safety net for African Americans. Today, as a society of people, we would be outraged to read or hear about such events and label these violent behaviors as Hate Crimes. In the victims community,  African Americans would be outraged as they have been in the past. Only today Church Community Leaders and Activists would have the social freedom to organized an immediate protest and press conference.They would publicly protest and demand for the appropiate legal recourse and action of having a thorough police
investigation, identify, find and hold the perpetrators legally accountable by the city's DA office. Today, as People Of Colour, we still must not take our freedom or our civil and human rights or any of our liberties for granted. As people of African Descendents we must always be mentally prepared to make an unwaivering 
stand with courage, have inner resolve and challenged the sublte racism, oversights, inequities and social injustices we encounter in our lives. Therefore, the struggle and the journey continues for personal and racial social justice in the Millennium.
They, also, experience the win of Joe Louis on the eve of WWII. Joe Louis boxing victory was vicariously every Black Man's Victory in America. The win inspired dreams and hope for the day other Black achievements would be sucessfully attained, publicly recognized by the country and the media.They experience the mandatory draft & WWII, the educational opportunities of the G. I. Bill  & VA medical benefits and entitlements for low interest loans for homeonership, the Korean Conflict, Insituitional Racism, Jim Crow, "the last to be hired and the first to be fired", racial profiling and the dawn of a new day the Civil Rights Era.
Linton has always made sure that our family members were aware and 
understood the historical context and realized the important changes that took place politically, economically and socially due to the personal efforts and the results of his 1st cousins Carl and Louis Stokes.The Stokes brothers were well aware of the political, legal and social issues of experiencing and coping with racist attitutudes, attitudes of indiferrences, derrogatory racial slurs, blatant racial remarks and insults, an inferior public education and outdated educational books for African American Communities, high unemployment, unfair labor laws and businesses hiring practices, impoverished living, sub-standard housing, deteroriated rental properties, slum lords, unfair housing laws and banking regulations, police harassment, brutality and police exoneration, ineffective legal representation for African American victims, inadequate health and medical care and a disparity of social treatment faced by African Americans.
The government sanctioned oppression and segregation in the United States made it legal to discriminate against African American people. African Americans were deliberately excluded, denied & / or had limited access to educational opportunities, financial resouces and lucrative opportunties offered by the Government, Wall Street & / or Financial and Banking Instituitions for the growth and prosperity of African Descendants and African American Families, Businesses, Property or Home purchases.There was no Civil Rights Commission or Affirmative Action or Equal Employment Opportunity Law in effect, Compliance or Grievence Officier to report educational, employment or housing discrimination, unlawful hiring practices, denied  job training, work promotions or work dismissals, hospital and medical denial, social mistreatment, racial stereotyping & / or racial profiling, harassment, rape and sexual 
harassment or financial exploitation and abuse usually went without significant legal or social consequences to the perpetrators.
The terms used by the Main Stream Media to descibe what was and is currently happening in African American Communties were and are today usually bias. Example # 1: European Americans take great pride in their notorious criminals such as Jessie James, Bonnie and Clyde, Al Cappone, Charles Mason, the son of Sam, Jeffery Dammer and others are well documented by the major newspapers. Legal contracts and royalties provisions are made, books are written, movies and television series are created about their lives, romances and their crimes. The themes are violence, murder, robbery, rape, drug trafficing, money laundering and other illegal activities. They become well known "czars", "kingpins", "drug lords" and famous socialpaths. How many notorious well known African &  / or African American criminals can you name? African American crimes, especially urban city crimes are not given the same Main Stream Media coverage, attention or notoriety. There are no Main Stream Media legal contracts offers for African American criminal stories or offers to romanticize their behaviors or to tell the human interest side of their life. No Main Stream books deals are offered to their family, made in plush offices, written and published or no Main Stream Hollywood Movies are made to tell their life stories. Instead African American criminal profiles and their stories are usually used to perpetruate a negative image(s) about Black People and to instill public fear, panic andthe need for alarms, increase home security systems in the inner urban cities and surburbs and increased prisons in rural areas. Are you aware how many new prisons that have been built in the past decade and where they are located? Who is profiting from prison laborers? It is not the prisoners who are usally People Of Color.
Example # 2: When high crime, drugs, STD's & HIV / AIDS happen and reported in our African American neighborhoods or People Of Color neighborhoods they have been and are "labeled" edemic & / or Black on Black crime. However, if you pay close attention you will notice when these same ills are reported by the Main Stream Media in European American neighborhoods they are "labeled" as an epicdemic and viewed as seriously affecting the communty's citizens well being and quality of life. Town Hall meetings are held and the community is encourage through the media T.V. News, T.V. & Radio PSA's and  Local Newspapers to attend and particapate.
Example # 3: When the Main Stream Media Communications World Wide Labels & Refers to African Americans, People of Color or other Ethnic Groups as Minorities it has subtle implied implications. What is your initial impression and feeling when you read or hear the word? What does the word minority mean vs. the definition of majority? If there is a Group of people categorized as Minority People and another Group of people categorized as Majority People what does this imply to you? How do you qualify one group as the minority and the other group as the majority? Who determines this labeling that affects masses of ethnic people around the world? Why are some countries labeled as third world? How does this term affect not only your impression of the country but the people that live there? Do you see the influence and the power and impact of a word(s)?
Example # 4: When most people die respect and respectful comments are expected and given about the person no matter their character flaws, life failings or criminal history. When a famous European American dies the Main Stream Media complys with the above statement even if, they have had a known public life indiscretions. However, when a famous Person Of Colour dies and has a sorbid past & / or criminal record, legal & / or illegal drugs are found in the body from the requested City Coroner's ToxicOlogy Report the Main Stream Media will let you know and continously remind you about in their media obituary coverage. The same respect is not given to the Person Of Colour. They will never let the famous Person Of Colour family forget that their love one was a talented person but they die owing taxes, was an alcolohic, a drug user / addict
Carl and his brother Louis Stokes elections to government offices gave their families and African Americans nationwide a sense of Political Pride. It was a special defining moment in American History for African Americans. Prominence had been achieved and it was possible for other African Americans to attain it, too. Carl and Louis Stokes converted and directed their strong emotions into  positive action. Their passion, commitment to their work initiatives, political advocacy to champion and address social injustices and quality of life issues with the active leadership of other Black Political and Community Leaders help not only the government neglected, disenfranchised and economically disadvantage African Americans during the last half of the 20th Century Civil Rights Era but benefited all Americans.Today, many other Ethnic Groups that have and are currently migrating to the US are, also, benefiting from their civil and human rights work efforts.
Unfortunately, today and especially during Black History Month the Stokes are not given the national recognition by the Main Stream Media (excluded from corporate photo advertising posters, bus and subway train ads, radio & t.v. public service announcements, Black History newspaper photo ads and talk shows celebrating Black History Month) that they deserve in porportion to their significant indivivual contributions to improving social conditions in the United States of America. Great social African American pride and noticeable government policy and insituitional changes were achieved while the Stokes were in political office. It was a time when our other cousin James Brown was singing his hit song...."Say it Loud....I'm Black & I'm Proud". His song help to instill ethnic idenitity, cultural pride and enhanced Blacks self esteem. If you seriously think racism does not exist or is a social issue of the past buy the 2005 DVD CRASH.  Watch it. Then be truly honest with yourself and share it with your family and friends.
Our cousin, Linton, is articlate, an engaging conversationist, a captivating speaker and a compelling storyteller. His personal accounts of his life is fascinating. He has shared many spell bounding and interesting stories, experiences and insights with family members about life and the things many of us now take for granted. He has shared memories & stories about the difficulties and harsh work conditions he and other workers faced to complete the elaborate building of the Alaska Pipeline Project. Linton was excited to see the History Channel's Documentation of it.
Is any  book publisher, film producer or anyone in the media interested in the current Stone Family book project or making a film or t.v. expose about a positive Black Man /  Black Stone Men life struggles, contributions and roles to their family and the culture of American Society? Let us know. In the meantime.....
More to Come.....
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