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Welcome and thank you for visiting Kandu. My name is Von Doane. I live and work from my home in Philadelphia, Pa. (USA). My Life Philosophy Is "Kandu". I Believe, I can and you can, too. Anyone, Anywhere at Anytime can be a winner. Just by the things you choose to Think, the things you choose to Say and the Things you choose to Do in your life Today. I live my life by my philosophy and "I Believe" belief. I have learned and I have accepted my life's Purpose. My Kandu Mission is to use my innate talents, abilities, skills, expertise and resources to assist people and ensure their success with their Life Endeavors. Von Doane Kandu Services Offers Limited Free Intial Consultations and One on One Affordable Knowledgable Pre-Arranged Pre-Paid Scheduled Appointment Conference Consultations, Valid Information, Recommended Resources, Global Networking and the World Wide Promotion of People, Products, Affiliate Program and Services. Specializing in Telephone, E-Mail, Alive Chat and Online Conference Support Services for your success. Should you need assistance with your Personal Endeavors & / or Online Venture please do not hesitate, feel free to contact me.
The purpose of the next few pages is to assist you. These pages are dedicated for those visitors who are seriously considering taking the initial steps to build  & / or own a web site, to new Web Site Owners & / or Owners who are seeking guidance, help and reliable information. You will find the next few self guided pages have a "wealth of free Internet information". These pages are highly recommended and are self explainatory and comprehensible. Anyone that possess basic reading, computer,Internet and typing skills will be able to read, comprehend, follow and utilize the information, incorporate and duplicate the techniques to their Online advantage.
The listed quick link Internet informational sources and resources have been laid out in an easy to follow sectional format for you. In order, to help relieve any anticipatory, overwhelming feelings of anxiety & / or lost feelings. If you are new on the Internet trying to learn, implement your web site's goals, sift through all the promotion and marketing material these feelings are normal.I suggest you Bookmark "The WebMistrss Guide" Page today and revisit it. Become famaliar with the information listed on this page, the WebMistress Quest and the Link Directory Page on this site. I personally built the WebMistress Quest Page for my own personal convenience. I use it and the other pages daily to help me maintain and promote "The Stone Family". My family site's is prominently located in the top listings in the major search engines. I, also, suggest you devote a specific time and an allotment amount of time each day and follow the organized guide page sections. Start at the Top of each Guide Page. The next one is "The WebMistress Quest" Page. Click, Browse Each Link, Bookmark the ones that you need. Take your time to read and grasp the concepts of your selected links, then apply the techniques. We learn by doing and the experience of application.
Learn and slowly work your way down the page starting from section # 1 one section at a time. Read and learn at your own pace."Tip" Click on the Resource Links within each listed Resource. You will be amaze by the "Hidden" existing information that is within some web sites. Some WebMasters share their extensive resources, too. Initially, you must search, find and learn their Webmaster Directory Link location. You will have the ROR. The Resources of A Resource. Priceless.
It is my wish that the listed quick link resources that I have discovered to be helpful to me since my family's site was published (date 11/9/04) will aide and assist you, too, in your quest to build a personal or family site or a home base e-business or improve your current site or your quest for real valid Internet Opportunities and / or Indispensable Online Professional Web Tools to help you with your daily web site mandatory tasks, efficiency and performance for you to have a successful site and presence on the World Wide Web.
The Internet is the next great "pioneer challenge". It offers many personal rewarding and financial opportunities base on one's merits. Your biggest investment for establishing a successful web site will be "Your Time Investment". FYI: I repeat Do Not Buy The Hype Set It and Forget It. "This is not true. There is no set it and forget it". The "Secret Keys" to success on the Internet is # 1 Interested Traffic. If you have an e-business website you need both # 1 Interested Traffic, #2 Quality Products & / or Services and offer # 3 Responsive Quality Customer Service. You or someone you delegate as a Customer Service Representative needs to answer inquiries and provide outstanding customer service.
Example: If you are selling Art on your website you have to "find" people who are "interested in art" to visit your site. In order to find the surfers who may be interested in your website and it's theme & / or products and services "You" have to expend your time and energy or paid a fee to another Internet entreprenuer promoter /  e-business to optimize your site in the major search engines & / or promote and advertise your site.
You must learn " How To Capture The Web's Potential Interested Surfer's Attention", Develop Good Ad Copy, Site Content / Design and Build Traffic or purchase traffic to advertise your website. "You" have to promote and market your site. Think who would be interested in what I have to offer? How will I find these people and let them know my site is available? What Site Tittle and Short Description will get search engine visitors seeking a specific word chose to visit me? What copy will capture an Internet Surfers or Ad Readers attention?
What will make them curious and want to visit my site. You Must Think, Plan and Schedule Promotion Campaigns. This is the reason I say and know from experience through out the year. "There is no set it and forget it." If you have partnered with others or have MLM downlines or are involved with direct products and services Responsive Customer Inquiry Replies and Services is cruial to your success. The quick link referrals listed on this site are "people who respond to other people" within 24 to 72 hours. Sometime sooner. When you use a referral any where on this site and do not receive a timely response or one within 24 to 72 hour time frame please let me know. I can be contacted at Thank You.
The only limits on the Internet are the self imposing limits you impose on yourself. Does this mean you should quit your job and pursue the opportunities on the Internet? No!!! Be Practical. Use your common sense. Always make appropiate and reasonable life choices for yourself. Discovering what Internet opportunities are available, choosing which one is right for you and learning "How to Select" the best windows of opportunities and avoiding the pitfalls is a process that takes time.
The questions you need to ask yourself and honestly answer are the following: "Are you ready for the challenge"? Are you ready to release and apply your inner mental resources, your imagination, your creativity, your intuition? Are you ready to apply your energy, your knowledge, your insights and your abilities? Are you willing to invest and dedicate your time? The time right now is fortutious if, you want to be on the web, develop a web presence and position your self for success. What do you want for yourself? How motivated are you to pursue and achieve what you desire and want for your life?
What can you expect? Realistically, if you are a "DIY" it can take 6 months to 1 year to accomplish the following: 1) required daily reading and Online tasks to develop an Internet presence, 2) "learn how to" prominently position your website in the major directories and search engines result page listings, 3) "learn how to promote" your site to obtain the Online visibility and exposure through the major search engines and other avenues to develop "targeted" consistent interested daily website traffic which includes new and "BookMarked URL" revisits to your site and viral referral traffic. Quality Targeted Traffic is the essential key element to your Internet Online success and it is a process that takes dedicated time to develop.
You can obtained a "free turnkey" product e-business opportunity site or purchase one. You still must invest the time & / or time and momey to promote it.
What are the signficant common denominators the Stone Family's successful life achievers have in common whether it is career achieved sucess in government, politics, law, medience, art, music, entertainment, media, public relations, community activist, social work, counseling sevices, parenting, academia, scholar or student ? How do we gain success in our daily lives? We have vision, inherited determination, desire, courage, fortitude, tenacity and we are resillient. We make a stand for what we believe, know and resonants to be "inner truth" and true for ourselves. We make an unwavering stand for our convictions. We believe in ourselves, our ideas and our abilities. It is the desire and inner strength of cultivating these innate qualities of inner personal power and self determination that motivate and drives each of us to accomplish our goals. We take action.
I have known people, I am sure you have or maybe you now know people, too, that never start or start but never finish anything in their lives. Example: They say they want to go back to continue their education pursuits to obtain their Masters or Ph.d but never seize and grasp the opportunities available or offered to them or they seize the opportunity but are to busy with their hectic personal life to focus on their studies. Yes, unexpected legitimate life circumstances may arise that circumvents or causes someone a delay for an undefined period of time.
The people I am refering to are the ones instead of
focusing on reseaching and writing their class assignments or term papers they have to see their favorite TV Show @ the time it airs. They may own or have a VCR or a TIVO at their disposal for use. But they don't want to use it. They have to watch the TV at the time the program was scheduled to see their favorite Football or Basketball Game or Sports Live. They have to attend that Special Free Outdoor Summer Concert or Concert Series or Barbeque instead of reading, writing their assignments or studying.
Some of them may, also, have the"TGIF" attitude. Thank God It's Friday! Which means whatever goals, objectives, personal & / or business transactions that didn't get started, worked on or wasn't accomplished between Monday and Thursday is definitely not on their weekend's agenda. Which includes Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. They will tell you all the time about what they have to do and how far they are behind in their studies and required reading assignments. They will get upset with you if, you say it doesn't seem like their education or attaining their degree is a priority.
We all know people who are spectators and voyeurs of life or people who are dreamers & / or illuisionist. They always state a "wish" but never take action to initiate or to follow through for their wish to be fulfilled. They dream, talk and may even brainstorm brilliant thoughts and ideas but don't walk their talk. They say one day when my ship comes in I'll be set for life. But they have never sent a ship out to sea on their behave to come back and dock with their fulfilled desires. They are not currently planting any seeds in fertile ground for a productive harvest tomorrow. Their attitude is if, it is meant for me or my destiny to be rich or wealthy it will happen. How? In order to win the lottery you have to buy the ticket. You have to play in order to have a chance to be in the winner's circle.
I hope the Stone Family history and stories presented throughout this website will inspire our youth of both genders not to be afraid of the future. Anything you want to achieve and accomplish within your lifetime is possible if, you believe and have confidence in yourself, you have vision, focus and actively pursue your goals and what you want for your life. Will there be unexpected roadblocks and life challenges along the way? Yes. Will people unconsciously and consciously undermine or deliberately tried to sabotage you? Yes. Some people have no clear vision for their life. Water seeks it's own level. They will surround themselves with people who are mirrored images of themselves.
Some people limit themselves. Therefore, they limit others as well. It is my wish that the telling of our family stories will bring hope and encourage to our youth, to a family member or friend who may be discouraged or experiencing a difficult time. Maybe it will inspire someone to take actions on their dreams or plan their life better or self reflect and make better life  and business choices.
The list of mistakes that one makes over a life time is endless. This is one of the many qualities that make us human. We are subject to error in judgement, make mistakes and plenty of them in our life's journey. However, because you or I make a mistake or have made mistakes it does not mean we must continue to unconsciously perpetulate the same mistakes or behavorial pattern out of habit once we recognize it. Nor does it mean for us to think and conclude because we have made mistakes in our lives we ourselves are mistakes.
It is important to take the time to self reflect and learn from the present and past mistakes. Ask yourself " What can I consciously do different today to have a better outcome tomorrow?" Then consciously strive toward implementing your answer(s) and self cultivating new habits to make the changes in your life. What questions have you asked yourself and honestly answered? What changes are you ready to make for your life? What plans have you made & / or initiated to enrich and enhance the quality of your life? What strategic moves are you planing to position yourself for a successful outcome?
This is your life! This is your time. These are all your self made life choices. What are you willing to do for you? What sacrifices are you currently willing to make towards your self realization, fulfillment, fruition and manifestation of your dreams? What commitments are you ready to make to yourself to achieve and attain your goals?
I am 100% Committed To The Award Winning Stone Family Web Site and To My Own Success On The Internet and the WWW as an InfoProvider and Internet Enterprenuer.You now have 24/7 access to all the "free" effective Online information, resources, professional web tools and opportunities I have discovered. I have utlized all the information I present to you on my Quest to get here and my Journey to become wealthy."There is an old saying...You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink it. Are you thirsty? How thirsty are you? I can share my insights, wealth of knowledge, experiences, resources and time. I can give you free advice The questions remain are you willing to make the investment in yourself? Are you willing to make the time commitment? Are you willing to Take Action, talk and walk the steps necessary for your your success? The next moves / steps are all up to you!
Are You Ready?
Are You Ready To Act Now?
Then Lets...

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