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Health Resources Support
What Will You Do Now?
None of us are immune to sickness, illness and emotional crisis. When you need immediate answers to daunting Medical Health issues & questions for yourself or love one look here.This section is devoted to help you with your Healthcare Needs & Concerns. It is a scary & frightful feeling to be diagnosis with a major or debillitating terminal illness or disability. A health issue creates an extrordinary mental challenge. We Stones are blessed with longevity. Our current longest living relative is 97 years old. She is still living in her Manhattan Apartment & caring for herself. Most of our Stone Elders have succumbed to old age and quietly past away. We have had and currently do have Stone Family Members who have battled with cancer, high blood pressure, edema, stroke, heart disease, emphyzema, asthma, glucoma & other diseases. These Health Resource Links & Information is to assist you with your knowledge base and help your become an Informed Health Care Consumer and allow you to initiate and have a meaningful proactive & assertive discussion with your Healthcare Provider. When you do not fully comprehend the information or the words your doctor may use ask your doctor clarifying questions. Remember your health is your wealth & your greatest resource. Therefore, protect it & take good care of yourself. These listed quick link resources are not to take the place for seeking or substitute for having a Qualified Physician's Examination, Professional Advise, Referral or Counseling. 
Recommended Services for Ethnic Genealogy, Medical, Paternity & Other Legal Matters

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African American Health Resources
African American Women Health Resources
( Must Read for Women )
Considering a Hysterectomy
African American Men Health Resources
( Must for All African American Men )
African American Physician Locator
How will you find the Professional Health Care help you need?
Trying to find, pick & chose a professional through the yellow pages can be an overwhelming experience. Especially, during an emergency & / or crisis. You can be mentally flooded with questions. Who do you pick? Who do you trust? Will they provide you professional, courteous quality services at a fair & reasonable fees. If you are not happy or satified with their services who else can you call? How can you find the best health care professional, doctor, private nurse, dentist, pharmacist, etc? The best referrals usually come from family, friends & reliable resources. Call a trusted family member, friend & utlize the listed reliable resources to help assist you.
General Physicians Internet Resources

Click Here: Patient Surgical Awareness & Education

Specific Internet Health Resources
Free Air Transportation for Cancer Patients Traveling for Treatments
Free Air Transportation to Access Medical Life Saving Care
CareGiver Support

Breast Cancer & Real Lives Experiences

Click Here: Cancer CareGiver Support

Click Here: COPD Caregiver Support

Click Here: Family CareGiver Alliance

Do You Need Help Finding A Hearing Professional?

Click Here: Information On Hearing Lost

Click Here: Tinnitus Fact Sheet Information

Click Here: Tinnitus Holistic Information

Handicapped Resources

Click Here: Extensive Disability Directory

Click Here: Disability Internet Resources

Click Here: Disability Articles, Information & News

Emotional Healing Resources

Click Here: Are YOU ANGRY? Do you have Anger Issuses?

RX's Internet Resources
Recommended Services 

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Mental Health Internet Resources  (African American Family Services)

Lost & Grief
During our life time we misplace & unintentionally lose many of our favorite things. Sometimes these things may or may not have moneterial value but may have great sentimental meaning & value. When we are young we may have or have had the misfortune to have the devasting lost one or both parents, grandparents, a favorite aunt or uncle, or a special friend to death. Then to lose a cherish momento or gift from a love one is emotionally upsetting. You may even feel sad. Often times a personal new lost of any kind can re- open memories of our life's losses or the major losses and past hurtful & painful wounds resurface. Today, you may, also, be experiencing a physical health lost of memory, speech, paralysis or physical pain that interferes with your daily functioning & limits your normal activities of living & / or working. It might be an extremely difficult time for you as you try to comprehend your lost, your fears and how it will impact & affect the rest of your life. 
It is frustrating not to be able to do the things you want to do when you want to do it or to be limited by numbness, acute aches &  / or se vere physical pain. Most people suffer a personal loss of a love one or a limb or some sort of physical lost feel sad, depress & / or angry. Recognize & acknowledge the way you feel. It is normal to mourn the lost. Because it is personal. It is your lost. It takes time to physically & emotional recover & heal. There is no set time to recover from one's grief. However, if you are feeling beside yourself & are having an extremely difficult time with your feelings, coping with your emotions & handling the changes in your life you may want to consider professional counseling. More to Come......
Healthcare Resource Guide

Cancer Guide ***Read First***

Comprehensive Cancer Resource Center & Support

Online Cancer Resources

Cancer Network

Medical Malpractice, Law & Attorney Internet Resources
These legal resources are beneficial in giving you quick links to basic legal informational Internet sources. However, I strongly recommend & urge you to seek a consultation with an Attorney for an assessment of your particular case. Many law firms offer free initial consultation. It is very important for you to seek immediate professional guidance to recieve specific interpretation of your State's Laws & the Statutory Time Limits for filing a case for Litigation.
If it looks like you will recieve a substantial lump sum cash settlement from an accident or injury be smart do your homework prior to recieving it. Be mentally prepare to recieve the awarded financial settlement. Have a specific plan for it and for yourself. Picture exactly what you want to happen with the settlement money you recieved. Then follow  & stick to your plan. Don"t squander your settlement money or spend it on friviolous or meaningless things.
The money is not to give or loan your family, relatives & / or friends or to finance their dreams & life goals. Do Not Divest Yourself or allow others to divest you of Your Settlement's Lump Sum Principal. Invest it & Invest In Yourself! Once you spend your settlement it is gone. Unless you invest the majority of it wisely you will have no way to replace it. Realistic Example: Let's say your attorney has told you after attorney fees your settlement will be $100,000. That is probably more money that you have had all at one time in your entire life! You may want to give your mother some money. After all she is your mother & she is & has always been very supportive & there for you. May be you want to give some money to a sister, brother or both. May be you want to help your neighbor & / or a good friend that has always been there for you. No matter what has happen in your life you can depend on them, too. Then one of your adult children, niece or nephrew might be experiencing financial difficulty & / or domestic problems. Maybe, one of your adult children, niece or nephrew has decided to enroll in college classes & could use some extra money for help towards tuition & books or needs a new car. Maybe you want to do something very special for your grand child or grand children. You get my point. The list can grow easilly & all your reasons are valid! BUT this settlement is not a lottery or casino win!  Even if you have a $500,000 or a million dollar final settlement awared. This money is a financial resource for you.
It is for you to take care of YOU! Remember, you live in the now but you have to provide for your future and the future of your love ones when you die. If you didn't have life & / or health insurance protection before you became injured & / or disabled or you had some but realized now you need additional coverage the cost to purchase it will be exhoribant. It is your Good Health that qualifies you for any type of insurance. Once your health status changes so will your premiums if you have not purchase the insurance before the lost. Now you are a higher insurance risk catergory. Therefore, you will be charged a higher premium. More than likely you will not be able to afford the new  annual insurance premium rates. Therefore, you are now self insured. You'll need all the financial resources you have  at your dispossal to help you cover any unforeseeable future health, living crisis and future funeral & your family living expenses. Don't feel guilty not to offer a  "financial gift" & / or to say no to your family & friends  when they ask you for a loan once you recieve your money.
Seriosly take your health & your health care needs into consideration. Especially, if you are temporarily or permanetly disabled & you are no longer able to work.You probably have experienced a great physical lost due to an accident or someones elses negligence.You may be plagued with severe pain & /or have to  have extensive surgery. It is very difficult to accept you may never be able to to do the things you once did before your health's lost. However, as long as your physical body has the animating Spirit of God's Life Force / Consciosness premeating your body, you are alive! You can create a new life or a very different & unique life for yourself. Set some money aside for you to do the things you have always wanted to do. However, make the majority of it work for you. Ask your attorney for professional advice & recommendations. Be sure to have your attorney make you a durable power of attorney, a health proxy & a will for your estate. If you already have these three legal documents in order congratulations.  Have your attorney review all your personal legal documents.
If you have a banker and accountant call them. If not find a banker and a good CPA. Ask your lawyer for referrals. It is imperative that you interview all the requested referrals until you "find someone that you trust & is a good fit for you". Someone that you can work with & "who is responsive to your needs & your telephone calls".  A professional should return your call ASAP or have their office return your call within 24 hours not 2 weeks or longer!!! You will also need to find an investment company and an experience financial planner to give you expert investment advice. You can work with these three professionals your banker, your investment planner & your CPA for your financial guidance. Perserve your settlement principal & have interest income to meet your monthly living expenses. Remember what Grandmom said " Don't put all your eggs in one basket." Have a diversified investment portfolio. How fast will your investments grow & increase in value? It depends on several factors. It depends if you are a conservative investor or an aggressive investor or a combination of the two. It depends on the financial securities that have been selected for your investment portfolio. It depends on Wall Street, the Stock Market & other influencing factors.
I am reading your mind. You are still thinking about "what can you do for my list of special people" that I love? If this is really bothering you. You may consider taking a small amount from your settlement principle & invest it aggressively in a seperate account from your main investment porfolio. If it is successful & high yielding you can use the interest earned not the principal for your "special list". My point is invest in yourself & your financial future 1st by implementing a practical investment plan to generate a passive positive interest yielding cash flow that has the potential to provide a steady monthly income to you for the rest of your life.
(Pro Se Information)

Legal documents and legal forms service online.
Legal forms preparation service assists people in gaining legal benefits or relief related to an Uncontested Divorce, creating a Power of Attorney, Last Will, Living Will, Living Trust, or Prenuptial Agreement (Premarital Agreement), finding an appropriate Lawyer, and others.

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