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Celebrate Your Birth! Celebrate Yourself!  Celebrate Your Life!
Stone Family Millennium Births.....

Baby announcements

Breanna Marie 6/05/00 & Armanda Michelle 6/12/04
Click Photo: Heleca Graphics
Photo Graphic Credit: Helecas Graphics

Congratulations Jenny and Michael Morton on the Birth of your son 11/04.
Congratulations Di Anderson on the Birth of your daughter Satarah on 3/27/05.
Happy Birthday to our Stone Family Bi-Centennial Members
March 2005
Von Doane
Iris Mcrae
Happy Birthday Wishes To Our Stone Family First Centennial Birthday.
Elder Estella President - Allison  June 19, 2006.
Do you have a family member that is 80 years or older getting ready to celebrate their birthday? Would you like for them to recieve a special writen greeting from the President of the United States? You can writea letter to your Congress person at least six months prior to the date and request a special greeting to acknowledge your Love One Birthday. 
Write a letter requesting a "Special Greeting" to your love one.
Include your Love One's Name, DOB and  Address.
Send it to: White House Greeting Office
                     Room  # 39
                     Washington, D. C. 20500

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Graphic Credit: Helecas Graphics

Stone Family Get Well Wishes
Our positive thoughts and prayers are being sent out to our cousin Shirrell Johnson and her family as she recovers from major surgery on 10/28/04. Shirrell's inner strength and courage is an inspiration to us all.
We have several Stone Family members facing serious health challenges this year. Please keep them in your prayers. Our well wishes are sent to our cousins Doris Snell, James and Barbara Strowbridge for better health. 
Family members please submit your Special Announcement Request  Entered Here. Thank You.
College Graduations 2005
Nia K. Murray Daughter Of Linda T. Martin
Member of Psi Chi, the National Honors Society in psychology, gradulated
Cum Laude, from Kutztown University on May 7, 2005.
Family Engagement Announcement Space

Graphic Credits: Helecas

Wedding Announcements Space
A Word Of Elder Advise:
The Wedding is a formality."Life After Marriage" is much more important than the wedding itself! Say "I Do" and mean it. Remember, the commitment of meaning it when you say it is more important than the saying of the words.

Graphic Credit: Helecas Graphics

Stone Family Sympathy

We Send You Love....
The Glowing Heart Of External Love
Click Photo: Stone Family Memorial Tribute

We have several Stone Family members that have lost love ones...a parent, a sibbiling, an adult child, spouse / life partner or a dear friend this year. There is nothing greater than the power of prayer. Please remember to keep these family members and friends in your prayers and continue to give them your unconditional love and emotional support. Especially, as the holidays draw near reach out and show them you care.
Positive Mental Thoughts and Prayers of Sympathy are with our following cousins and their families as they grieve and accept the lost of their departed love ones:
  • The James and The Johnson Family for their lost of their father, grandfather and brother, Rick James, in August 2004
  • Camille Johnson and Her Family for the lost of Camille's husband in Oct. 2004.
  • Von Doane in lost of her mother, Doris A. Jenkins, in January 2005 and her mother's eldest sister, Mattie D. Moore, in April 2005
  • Loretta Gardner in the lost of her son, Eric Gardner, in Febuary 2005.
  • James Strowbridges and The Strowbridges Family in the lost of James loving supportive wife and mother, Barbara, in July 2005.
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Stone Family Members (Only) may submit their upcoming & future announcement materials 30 Days in Advance. All Family Members Privacy is Respected and Protected.



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